StreetFlow 0.9 – Update

StreetFlow I was looking at StreetFlow today and realized that there are a few features I didn’t notice when I did my first review of version 0.9. One of the features includes default images for some restaurants, if there has not already been an image submitted by a user. There are even different default images based on the type of restaurant. Also, when you tap on a comment, there is the option to add that person to your Friends List. Until I saw this feature I was always confused on how I added people to my Friends List, now I know! I’m not sure how I missed these features…I’m guessing the application didn’t update properly and when I restored my iPhone yesterday and installed it from scratch, they showed up. Either way, still one of my absolute favorite apps. StreetFlow is available through the AppTapp source.

StreetFlow 0.9 - Update StreetFlow 0.9 - Update

StreetFlow 0.9

StreetFlow The update to version 0.9 of StreetFlow does not make any visual changes to the app (at least from what I can tell!) It does however change the app from the iApp-a-Day source to the AppTapp Official source and makes it a Featured Application in the Installer. Which I was happy to see. Since the day it was released, this remains as one of my favorite iPhone applications!

StreetFlow 0.9

StreetFlow 0.8

StreetFlow I already know this is going to be one of my favorite apps and I have only been using it for a little while! StreetFlow is an app that locates dinning establishments based on your location. It also includes a rating of the restaurant and comments from others who have been to the restaurant. When you open the app, it will take a few seconds to find your location. It will then display a list of restaurants starting with the one closest to you. From the list, you can tap on a restaurant to get more information like; the name of the restaurant, the address of the restaurant, it’s rating (based on a five star rating system), a list of comments and the ability to add a comment. If you would like to add a comment, [Read more…]