Sudoku Update 1.0.2

Sudoku Man…the app people are on a roll lately. This morning there was an update to Sudoku in the and it is another great update! With the update, when you tap the “New” button it gives you an option of whether or not you would like a new game before, it would automatically go to a new game. This is great because if you have spent like half an hour trying to finish the game and the last box is the one just below the “New” button and you accidentally hit the “New” button instead of the little box below it and it automatically gives you a new game when you were just about to win…you might be slightly frustrated (Trust me…I know!!). :)

Sudoku Update 1.0.2 Sudoku Update 1.0.2


SudokuDeveloper’s description of game: Sudoku for the iPhone.

Sudoku on the iPhone is played exactly the same as Sudoku anywhere else. The point of the game is to use the numbers 1-9 only once in a row, column and 3×3 box. It starts off by giving you a screen in which some of the numbers are already filled in…you go from there. You can add a number by clicking in a blank box, it will give you the number 1, to change it from a number 1 you just keep tapping until you have the number you want. If you get stuck and your brain starts to hurt from trying to figure it out, you can start over with a new game by hitting “new.” There is also a “check” button that tells you whether or not you really solved the puzzle. This game is TOTALLY addicting and one of my favorites. Sudoku is available through the Conceited Software source. Screenshots:

Sudoku SpringBoard Sudoku
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