Tap Memory – Test And Expand Your Memory Abilities

Available In: App Store       Price: $1.99  

Tap Memory Tap Memory is a game that will “test and expand your memory abilities.” The object of the game is to remember the numbers that were displayed on the screen and then tap the them in the correct order…as quickly as possible!

When the app opens, you get a main menu with four options; New Game, Resume Game, Multiplayer and High Scores. If you select New Game, you are then given three difficulty level options; Easy, Medium and Hard. Once you select a difficulty level, you will get the a screen displaying which level you are on and which wave with-in that level. Each level has five waves. When you begin, there will be circles with numbers in them. You must then quickly “memorize” all the numbers. Once the numbers disappear, you then tap the circles in order starting with the circle that contained the lowest number and ending with the circle that contained the highest number. The game starts off easy with just three numbers and a slow disappear rate however, each wave gets a little faster with-in the levels and each level adds another number! You also get more points the faster you tap the circles. It quickly becomes difficult! [Read more…]