Taskbar Notifier for 1.0.0-1.1.2

I was soooo excited to see that the dajavax source not only had the updated Taskbar Notifier for 1.1.3 but also versions 1.0.0-1.1.2!! Jacob had wrote a post about this app and it’s updates for 1.1.3…and let me tell you…I was feeling a little left out! I love this app and it is even cooler now that it not only adds an icon to your Taskbar when you have a missed text message or a new email but when you have a missed phone call (and those icons are just so cute!)!!! Now all it needs is an icon if you have a new voicemail! Check out the screenshots below. [Read more…]

Taskbar Notifier (1.1.3) 0.9

One of my favorite little applications has released an update on installer for iPhone v1.1.3! In case you haven’t seen this app before, there is no icon added to your Springboard, it instead adds a little graphic to the status bar at the top on the screen when you have new mail, or text messages, and now will even show when you have a missed phone call! See THIS post for more info about the app. It can be found in Installer.app from the iClarified source, under the iClarified category. Check out the screenshots after the break!
This can now be found from this repo: source: http://dajavax.googlepages.com/repo.xml
Thanks to reader Jess, for this information! [Read more…]

Utilities App – Taskbar Notifier 0.8

Taskbar Notifier is an app that puts a little icon on on your Status Bar (the bar at the top of your iPhone with the carrier logo on it) when you have a missed text message or an unread email. When you have an unread email a little envelope icon will appear in your status bar and when you have an unread text you will get a little SMS bubble. This is just a code app so when you install it…you will not get an icon on your SpringBoard. I have noticed that it doesn’t always work correctly. There are times when I have unread emails and there is no icon in the status bar…and another time when I restarted my SpringBoard the icon went away even though I hadn’t read my new text message yet. But, overall it works pretty well. I would love to see it put an icon if you have a new voicemail too!! This app is available in the Installer.app through the Ste Packaging source. Screenshots below:

Taskbar Notifier Taskbar Notifier Taskbar Notifier
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