Tetris! 3.5 and PenguinPanic 3.5

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Tetris! The update to version 3.5 of Tetris! and PenguinPanic make the same changes to both applications. On the main intro screen, the Start and Donate button are now larger and have a nicer design. Also, once you have won (or lost) a game, you are now able to submit your score to an online High Scores database. I personally am a big fan of High Scores!! If you choose to submit your score it will open a web browser with the High Score list. The list automatically displays the top 25 scores but, you can continue to load 25 more. You can also sort the High Scores by Day, Week or Month. Both Tetris! and PenguinPanic are available through the BigBoss source. Below are the screenshots.
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Tetris! 3.0

Tetris The update to version 3.0 of Tetris makes a few changes to the application. When you open the app, you will notice that the lower menu bar no longer contains the options; Main Menu, Credits, Info and Settings. Instead the lower menu bar now has the options; Donate and Start. This is ok because the credits have been moved to the intro screen and the Setting menu had not been implemented yet. So, the only thing you are losing is the more Info option. Once in the application, you will notice two new options on the lower menu bar; Pause and Hold Piece. [Read more…]

Tetris! 2.5

Tetris! Tetris 2.5 brings some great updates and finally makes me excited for further development of this application. The first update is that there is a new icon again. Also a small bar was added at the bottom of the start menu that includes: “Main Menu”, “Credits”, “Info”, and “Settings”. The coolest thing is “Settings”. Right now, you can’t do anything in setting but in a future release you will be able to change the “Background theme”, “Difficulty”, and some other things that are not mentioned. The last thing changed was [Read more…]

Tetris! 2.0

Tetris! Tetris! 2.0 brings the same small changes that Penguin Panic 2.0 brought. The icon has been changed to few Tetris blocks stacked on top of each other. The “done” button on the intro keyboard is larger and the “play again” button which appears on the game over tab is also larger. The ability to submit your score has been removed with the update as well. You can now get Tetris! 2.0 from the BigBoss source.

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Tetris! 1.2

Tetris! Tetris! is tetris hence it’s name. It is far superior over Tetromino which is also a tetris game. You can get it from the newATTiPhone.com source. It requires Jiggy Runtime in order to actually play it so, make sure you install that first! When you open up the game for the first time it will ask you for your name. The game requires a name because Tetris! has a high score table. On the actual game screen you will notice the buttons “pause” and “hold piece”. The biggest difference from Tetromino is that there is NO physical arrow buttons. Tetris! uses the capabilities of the Iphone/Ipod. You use finger swipes to play the game. Swiping your finger upward will [Read more…]