Tribal 2

Available In: App Store       Price: $5.99  

Tribal 2 One of the best, high-quality games back in the 1.1.4 days has been ported to 2.1! This game has always been one of my favorites, and much hasn’t changed since back then. First thing you see is that title screen we all fell in love with. After that, you now see a new level select. Once you select a level, the game overall follows a little story giving you specific items to tap each level. Also, when you tap something, it gives a nice realistic echo of a bullet falling to the floor, which I find really neat and professional. The game overall does get a bit challenging, and is pretty long as well. Other than that, it’s the same ‘ol tribal we all had installed back in the good days…. It’s available in the App Store for $5.99, and is a really good time waster… Have fun! Screenshots below. [Read more…]

Tribal 1.004

Tribal Tribal is an insanely good target shooter game! The point of the game is to tap the targets on the screen. Tapping the target signs, the faces, and the stars will get you points but if you tap on a bomb, you will lose one of your three lives. You have 30 seconds to get a certain amount of points or you will also lose a life. On easy, this game is easy, hence the mode name. The real fun comes when playing on hard, your fingers will have to work diligently. There is a high score table to give you a reason for coming back for more. The most notable thing about this game are [Read more…]