Tris 0.6

Tris Version 0.6 of Tris is the one I have been waiting for!! When you first open the app you will notice the the menu has changed a little…Resume has been removed as an options leaving; new game, high scores and about. The game is played the same as in the previous update…tap to rotate the block and drag it where you want it. However…here comes the best part…it now actual ends the game when you reach the top!! Once the block have touched the top it will bring up a screen with your score and a place to enter your name. Once you have entered your name [Read more…]

Tris 0.5

Tris Version 0.5 of Tris does make some improvements to the play of the game. You now change the the block rotation by tapping on the screen instead of swiping your finger up or down. This makes it MUCH easier to change the rotation of the block. To move the blocks left or right you no longer have to swipe left to move it left or right to move it right…you have full control over the block…just tap and drag it where ever you would like it. This is really cool except you can move the block back up too. So, it kind defeats the purpose of falling blocks but, if you are like me [Read more…]

Tris 0.4 – Now available in the Installer

Tris Tris has been added to the…it is available through the iSpazio source. The game looks and plays exactly the same, even the icon stayed the same…just an easier way to install it (through the Installer instead of manually). See THIS post for more info about the actual app itself. Below are the screenshots. [Read more…]

Tris 0.4

TrisTris is another tetris game. The main question is if this is better then Tetris!. When you open the application you are given four choices: “resume”, “new game”, “high scores”, and “about”. Tapping “resume” resumes your game from the last time you stopped playing. Tapping “new game” starts a new game, tapping “high scores” apparently does nothing, and tapping “about” gives you the credits. The interface is amazing. It is clean, sharp, and simply beautiful. Just going from menu to menu, there is a fade affect. During the game the pieces move smoothly in all directions. There are little details like a glowing shine between the block’s cracks, which goes away once they fall to the bottom. The interface and the graphics were very well made. The game uses your fingers to control the blocks. [Read more…]