iPhone Web Apps for Monitoring the 2008 US Presidental Election

Tomorrow is the big day and we thought we’d help you get the best coverage of the US Presidential Elections of 2008 on your iPhone or iPod Touch. There are some kewl Apps in the app store but most are just poll tracking and not final results or news. I’ve looked over the top news sites and found only one with an entire site dedicated to the election coverage. CNN has, by far, the best web app for the election called the CNN Election Center. You can even put in your zip code and get local results of your state candidates running for state positions.

CNN’s site details the Presidential Election with a total percent of precincts reporting stat, number of electoral votes and total percentages for both candidates, a link to a Google web app that helps you find where to vote locally, and even videos. I’ve also listed a bunch of other news sites that are adapted for the iPhone, iPod Touch and other mobile devices. From your iPhone, you can click on them in this article and you will go right to them. Most have nice webclip icons. If you know of any other web apps covering the election, please let us know. Especially from countries other than the US. [Read more…]

Woopra Web App

Available In: Safari       Price: Free  

WoopraWoopra is a website analytics service like Google’s Analytics but it’s live. You can check out woopra.com for more about the service and desktop app but we’re gonna talk about the port to a web app for the iPhone. You basically download the files from here, edit the config file, upload them to your server, and you’re set! I’ve included detailed instructions below from Woopra’s blog and some screenshots. [Read more…]

Flickr – Now iPhone Optimized!

Available via Safari       Price: Free  

mflickr Flickr has launched a new iPhone optimized site. If you love flickr, you will LOVE their new mobile site! It offers basically all the functions of the “normal” flickr website. You are able to view recent activity, your recent activity, your contacts recent activity, your contact list, search, view comments, leave comments, view your favorites, sets and collections, star a photo, view the photo in a larger size…etc. It is really really nice. I was also surprised by how quickly the site runs. I was on WiFi and it ran really nicely!

The only thing the mobile site does not have is the ability to organize your photos and a slideshow option. You will definitely want to check it out to get the full feel of the new site. Just head over to m.flickr.com. Screenshots below. [Read more…]

IBM Releases Lotus Notes via Web App

Available via Safari       Price: Free with Lotus Notes License  

The wait is finally over. There has been talk for a long time that IBM was developing Lotus Notes for the iPhone. You can now access your email, calendars, and contacts if you have an existing Lotus Notes License. Surprisingly this is not available through an app in the App Store but via a web address using Safari. Just visit ibm.com/software/lotus/products/domino-web-access/ultralite to find out how to get it set up for your business. Below are some screenshots of the web app which IBM calls Lotus iNotes. [Read more…]


Available In: Safari       Price: Free  

nbcolympics.comI’ve been look and reviewing all kinds of apps for the 2008 Olympics. From web apps to App Store apps and I’ve finnaly found the winner! NBC has their own mobile version of their Olympics web page. It’s built for any mobile device but it works great on the iPhone & iPod Touch. The best feature of all is the video. Again, it works great on the iPhone & iPod Touch and it’s very up to date. There are TONS of features including: medal count, results, schedules, tv & online listings, video, photos, and a lot more. You can even sign up for SMS alerts for all sorts of things. I think the screenshots will tell a lot. [Read more…]


Available In: Safari       Price: Free  

iOlympicsolympicsLast night the opening events for the 2008 Olympics was amazing! It got me thinking that there had to be some apps out there for the iPhone that would update you on Olympic news, scores and schedules. The first one I’ve found, and best so far, is a web app called iOlympics. It first opens up with a countdown as to how many days are left of the Olympic Games. Next there are 7 choices: News, Today’s Events, Event Schedule, TV Viewing Schedule, Medal Tracker, Sports and Countries.

News covers Olympic news from NBC, BBC, Yahoo, and USA Today. There is also a Most Popular News, Team USA News and a Special Features section. [Read more…]

Schmap.com – City Guides & Local Search

Schmap.comSchmap.com is both a website for city guides and local search. First we’ll start with city guides. There is support for the following countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand and Other Europe. I chose Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. The guide has info on the city, tours, attractions, activities, hotels, restaurants, bas/clubs, coffee/tea, arts/fun, shopping, services and festivals. I started under “City Info” and selected the subcategory “Historical Background”. I got about 10 pages of the history of Minneapolis. In this area you have to scroll using two fingers.

Next I tried attractions. Again, there were many subcategories to choose from but I just went with “Top Attractions” just to be safe. I got a nice list including thumbnails to a couple zoos, the Mall of America, Valleyfair, Science Museum and more. Tapping on a selection gets you address, phone, email and URL link. These are all tappable and then interface with the iPhone’s other apps. There are also buttons at the bottom of the page that switch you to a review or photos of the attraction. You can also hit previous and next buttons to scroll through the attractions. [Read more…]

GoogleTalk for the iPhone

#Google TalkAs you know, Doug is a huge fan of Google which made an iPhone optimized version of Google Talk very exciting. To use the iPhone optimized version of Google Talk, you will need to go to www.Google.com/talk on your iPhone. If you have signed in to any Google service in Safari before, you will be automatically signed in. Once you are signed in, you will see a list of all your contacts that are available to chat via Google Talk. If they are logged in, there will be a green circle next to their names. If the circle is grey, they are currently not online. You can then tap on the contact you would like to chat with. This will open a seperate chat window where you can type your message. You can also choose to have your chat “Go off the record” with that contact by selecting the down arrow next to the contacts name. To get back to the main menu, [Read more…]

FriendFeed.com now iPhone and iPod Touch Friendly

FriendFeed.comIf you visit FriendFeed.com from an iPhone or iPod Touch you will now get a nice optimized site. You can still see the full version from a link at the bottom of the page.

FriendFeed enables you to keep up-to-date on the web pages, photos, videos and music that your friends and family are sharing. It offers a unique way to discover and discuss information among friends.

FriendFeed is pretty kewl and I’ll probably use it more now that there is an iPhone version. There are people beginning to abandon Twitter for FriendFeed [Read more…]


OpenSourceFood OpenSourceFood.com is a website in which you can view and search recipes. It is nicely optimized for the iPhone making it a great way to quickly look up recipes. “Amazing Recipes. Delicious Food. Beautiful Photography. Created and rated by you and fellow food-lovers from all over the world.” They are exactly right on this…the recipes and the photography are very good! When you go to OpenSourceFood.com on your iPhone, you will get a list of 20 Recently Popular Recipes. When you select a recipe, you will be able to see who the recipe was submitted by, a list of the ingredients needed and instructions on how to make the recipe. You can also choose to view all the recipes by the person who submitted the current recipe by selecting View All Recipes by. The bests feature of the iPhone optimized version of the site is [Read more…]


Weather.comWeather.com has had an iPhone version of their site for quite a while now (Oct 07) but news is slowing just before the iPhone 3G launch so I thought I’d catch up on some old apps, in this case web apps, that got skipped. This will also allow new iPhone 3G owners to see things others may already know about. Finally, this will also add to our web apps category that isn’t very full right now. I haven’t been a big fan of web apps but there are some really great ones now and they are worth writing about.

Please send me links to your favorite web apps via our contact form on the about page and we’ll share them with everyone. Now, on to the Weather.com web app review:

The link for the iPhone is weather.com/iphone. Going to weather.com will still take you to the full site. The first thing you do is add your location. You can do this by tapping in your zip code or city’s name. You may add up to 5 locations.

There are three main choices at the bottom: Today, Maps, and Forecast. [Read more…]

Delta is Now iPhone/iPod Touch Savvy

Delta Delta has created a iPhone optimized version of their website. It is very simple and very clean. You are able to Login to see Itineraries, Login to Book a trip, check Flight Status, Check Flight Scheduled, Check-in, View Itineraries, check out the Weekly Fare Specials, get a list on Contact Numbers and view the site in Spanish. There is even a link to view the full website. I spent some time using the iPhone version of Delta.com and found it to be very easy to use and well structured for the iPhone. Well done Delta! Below is additional information about some of the features.

Note: The only issue I have with this application is that it does not automatically bring you to the iPhone version of the site when you go to Delta.com on your iPhone. You have to type in the url for it. However, you can then add a WebClip to your SpringBoard and then quickly access it that way. The url is – http://mobile.delta.com.

Check-in: Now you can check in using your iPhone or iTouch, print out your boarding pass at a kiosk, and head straight to security.

Flight Status: You can easily check the status of a flight by entering the the flight number and selecting “Go” or you can enter the cities to get the flight schedule. Either way, you can get quick access to see when your flight is leaving or arriving. Some cities even have airport maps to show you where to find Delta. [Read more…]

Twitter in Plain English

TwitterTwitter is getting more and more popular everyday. However, some people have yet to jump aboard. This is usually due to the fact that they do not understand what Twitter is. I found this great video (see below) over at CommonCraft.com after watching GeekBrief. One of the best things about Twitter is how well integrated it is with the iPhone. There are quite a few 3rd Party and Web Based apps that make using Twitter simple and convenient…inevitably turning you into a Twitteraholic. Below is a list of all the apps available for Twitter and the iPhone.

If you would like to follow me on Twitter, my Twitter is twitter.com/ahhyeah. [Read more…]


iPhoneSlide.com is a website that allows you to upload images from your iPhone to flickr, Twitter and WordPress all at the same time. It is perfect for quick blogging! How it works is, you choose an image on your iPhone and email it to post@iphoneslide.com. If you are using this process to blog, the subject of the email will be the Title of the post and whatever you write in the body of the email will be the content of the post. It includes everything in the body of the email in the post. So, you will want to remove things like your email signature or it will show up in your post. After you send the email, [Read more…]

Hahlo 3.0 – Legendary Edition

Hahlo 3.0 With Twitter becoming more popular every day, there seems to be more and more ways to tweet. Hahlo (no idea how to pronounce it) has been around for quite a while but now there is Hahlo 3. Although it’s in beta testing, you can become a tester pretty easy. Just email beta@hahlo.com to signup. The new version organizes menus better and even has a nice popup for more menu choices. Looks like another feature is the ability to search. The timeline does something I wish other Twitter clients like twhirl and Twinkle did; [Read more…]