8GB 4th Gen iPod touch $189.99 on Woot.com

Today’s Woot! is an $189.99 8GB iPod touch. It is the 4th generation iPod touch which includes; Facetime, Retina Display, HD Video Recording, 802.11n, Bluetooth… etc. They are refurbished but if you are looking to save $40 or so… you may want to check it out. (A new 4th gen 8GB iPod touch is $229.00 (+ tax) at Apple). These things usually go pretty quickly on Woot! so head over to woot.com if you are interested.

Below is what you will get:
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WootWatch Update – Adds kids.woot Support

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

WootWatch WootWatch, an application that shows you the current item selling on Woot.com, has been update to version 1.5. The update adds a few new features including the integration of kids.woot into the application. Check out the full change log below. Another cool new feature is the ability to rearrange the tabs on the lower menu bar.

1.5 Change Log:
– kids.woot support
– Popups for additional images
– Tabs can be reordered
– “X” button disappears from zoom view, perfect for taking screenshots (Home + Sleep)
– Minor bug fixes and UI tweaks
– Compiled for iPhone 2.2.1 and later, so iPod Touch users who haven’t upgraded to 3.0 can enjoy the latest bug fixes and features
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woot! 1.0

Available In: App Store       Price: $0.99  

wootBefore I write anything I must warn you that this app is not developed by Woot.com. Next, if you don’t know what woot is, check them out. They sell one per day at bargain prices until it’s sold out. This app brings the the items main information up without visiting the site. You can see a picture, title, prices, shipping price and condition. It will also tell you if the item is sold out. There are three buttons at the bottom: I Want One!, View Description In Reader and View Web Site. They all open web address from a built in browser.

You can also change the settings to show shirt.woot.com and wine.woot.com products. Then on the main screen you can swipe left and right to view the three site products. They are all laid out the same way. Also, in case of a Woot-Off (where they change the product once it’s sold out) you can set it to auto refresh and choose alerts of vibrate and play sound. [Read more…]