Word Tower – Think Tetris with Letters

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Word Tower Word Tower is like playing Tetris with letters. I love the developer’s description of the app – “What do you get when you mix up Scrabble, Boggle and Tetris and add the flipping, shaking and sliding that only the iPhone/iTouch can do? WORD TOWER!”

That is exactly what it is…you have to created words from the letters. You create words by dragging your finger over the letters that form a word. If you create a word, the letters will disappear however, you have to do it quickly because more letters are falling. The cool part is that you can “grab” the letters and move them around as they are falling so that you can strategically create more words.

As you move through the levels, new blocks are introduced. Some of the blocks give you additional points when used, some have to be used a certain number of times before they disappear…etc. The one that gets me is the snowflake. When a snowflake drops you have to shake your device, before it touches another letter, which then changes all your letters. So here you are building a strategy and along comes a snowflake and messes it all up!
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