Yeti3D 0.0.35

Yeti3D Version 0.0.35 of Yeti3D makes some great improvements from the previous version. The menu’s are set-up differently now, more similar to those of iPac3D. Some of the new options include three difficultly levels (easy, normal and hard), score, high scores and the ability to play via the accelerometer. The app also seems to plays a lot smoother for me. It still only has one level at this time…but, I bet we see more added with future updates! Though, [Read more…]

Yeti3D 0.0.25

Yeti3D is a game similar to Doom. Yeti3D is a full 3D first-person shooter game. The main point of the game is to kill all the enemies with your gun that shoots white orbs. There is only one level, so once you kill everything that is it. You have a limited amount of ammo and health. If you lose all of your health it is “game over”. There are cubes that give you more ammo and more health. Yeti3D can run in portrait or landscape mode, and it has a number of different control schemes. Though, I cannot recommend this game. [Read more…]