Below you will find a list of all third party Multimedia apps that can be installed on the iPhone. All of these apps are added through the

1Shoot   Take pictures without a signal tap.
AVPlayer Play videos stored on iPhone without loading YouTube or iPod.
CameraPro Adds professional features to iPhone’s Camera.
Collage A real time collage of user submitted photos.
Cubeworld Panorama viewer for the iPhone (view photo from all angles).
guitarChords Displays a variety of Guitar Chords
iFlickr Upload images from Camera Roll straight to Flickr account.
iFlix  Manage Netflix Queue from your iPhone.
iLyrics Displays lyrics of current song playing on your iPhone.
imFlow View your Camera Roll Photos Cover Flow style.
iPhone Video RecorderUpdated  Record videos (with audio) via your iPhone.
iRadio Internet radio tuner.
Karajan Music and ear trainer for the iPhone.
Listen Identifes songs that are playing.
Locations View online webcam images.
Mirrorscope Turn your iPhone into a kaleidoscope.
MobileCast Download podcasts without using iTunes.
Mobile Flickr  Flickr, the photo sharing website, on the iPhone.
MobileScrobbler for your iPhone. Discover and share music.
Mrmr  Allows DJ’s and VJ’s mix audio and video directly from their iPhone.
MxTube YouTube video downloader.
MyERadio Streaming electronic music.
MyMediaNew  Download videos/music played in YouTube or Safari onto your iPhone
OrbLiveNew  Access your pictures/music from your computer via wifi on your iPhone.
PhoneZapNew   Share photos and messages and create ringtones.
PhotoBoard  Multitouch photo manipulating app.
PocketTouchUpdated  Control your music from your Pocket.
Pushr Send images in Camera Roll directly to Flickr.
Ringtones Create custom ringtones.
rWallpaper Automatically changes your SpringBoard wallpaper.
ShowTime Record video on the iPhone.
Simplify Media Stream music to iPhone from iTunes, Winamp or any folders you choose.
Snapture Camera app with additional features.
TapStereo Change tone frequency by sliding the ball around the screen.

Realtime image generator.
TuneWiki  Find and add lyrics for/to your music.
uPoze Upload images save to Camera Roll directly to Flickr.
VNotes Voice recorder.
Wallpaper  Choose from other’s Wallpaper, add them to your iPhone.
WeLyrics Adds lyrics right into your iPod application.

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