WWDC Schwag T-shirt and Laptop Bag on eBay

I found this auction on eBay of a t-shirt and laptop bag from the WWDC 2008. I would probably bid on it if I wasn’t going to be buying a 3G iPhone soon! I found something pretty interesting. The t-shirt had the icons from the iPhone on it. The time is 10:00 and the date is June 9th. iPhone, 10:00, June 9th… The stock clock icon on the iPhone is set at 9:40. Could this be a hint at the announcement of the 3G iPhone? If so, maybe I will bid!

UPDATE: I bid $25 and got out bid right away :( I’m sure there will be more :)

UPDATE 2: I found another one, this one starts at $75 and has a buy it now of $99. Check out the map icon too!