Apple Changing US iPhone Carrier?

Apple According to a recent article by AppleInsider, there is evidence that the iPhone might be available through other carriers, besides AT&T, within a year!

Gene Munster, senior research analyst with Piper Jaffray, predicts that Apple will announce new carriers in the summer of 2010. [Read more…]

iPhone 3GS Commercial – Avid

TomTom App Now Available in App Store – $99.99 in US

Available In: App Store       Price: $99.99  

tomtomicon TomTom’s application has finally hit the App Store. The app is available for the US & Canada, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The cost of the app varies based on which location you need it for. The US & Canada compatible version of the application is $99.99.. see the list below for additional pricing options.

The application is compatible with both the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS. The app boasts turn-by-turn directions as well as many other features (see list below). Honestly, it seems to have the same functionality as a regular TomTom device. Check out the screenshots and demo videos below. [Read more…]

8GB iPhone 3GS Confirmed?

##ICON_NAME## Last week, I wrote about a rumor that strongly indicated the release of an 8GB iPhone 3GS. Well, it seems that the guys over at MacRumors have confirmed this rumor. Apparently, on Roger’s website, there is now a comparison of the iPhone 3GS that includes an 8GB version of the phone. So I guess that the leaked Rogers internal memo from last week was the real deal!

Read full post HERE. [Read more…]

OS v1 – Wallpaper Pack

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

OS V1 crazy_cartoon_penguin OS v1 is a pack of 10 OS inspired wallpapers. This includes Mac, Windows and Linux wallpapers. There is also a random AT&T wallpaper in there as well. I have seen most of these before but, it’s an easy way to get them onto your iPhone or iPod Touch if you want them. Remember, when you install this wallpaper pack, the wallpapers are added to your stock Settings application under Wallpapers. You can get OS v1 via the MacCiti source.

Note: If you would like to manually delete some of the wallpapers once you install the pack, you can ssh into the Library/Wallpapers folder on your iPhone or iPod Touch and delete them from there.


An 8GB iPhone 3GS Coming Soon?

Apple The guys over at the BoyGenuisReport say that they have had a few tips recently indicating that Apple is gearing up to release an 8GB iPhone 3GS. It seems Rogers in Canada is “in the process of shipping iPhone 3GS 8GB flavor handsets to stores.” I’m not big into unconfirmed tips and what not but, it seems the they do have a few images that are slightly more convincing.

The info in the image (which apparently looks to be some sort of memo) says:

Rogers has now launched the iPhone 3GS in 8GB Black (120080). Effective immediately, this will be ordere… (120050). In order to complete a smooth transition over to the new piece, inventory levels of the 3G version v… out of stock of an 8GB model. Please keep in mind that we are aiming to reduce our inventory levels signific… model and would ask that as you receive the new SKU that you continue to sell out of the older version prior…

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this strategy, please email…

Thank you all ahead of time for your help in making this a smooth and easy transition.

Transition du Rogers 8GB vers le 3GS

8gb3gs 8gb3gs2

See full article HERE.

QuickTip – Shake your iPhone to Undo/Redo your Previous Text Edits

It’s time for another QuickTip (a very simple tip about the iPhone or iPod touch). I was reminded of this QuickTip yesterday when making a list in Notes.

QuickTip You can quickly and easily undo and redo text edits by shaking your iPhone. If you delete a portion of your typing, you can shake your iPhone and you will get a pop-up with the option to Undo. When selected, this will bring back the text you deleted. [Read more…]

Picnic-V2 – WinterBoard Theme

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Picnic V2 picnicv24 Many of you are probably familiar with the Picnic theme. Recently it was updated to work with the 3.x firmware. The theme includes 393 icons, wallpaper, dock, statusbar, dialer, lock background, loading screens, lock screen battery, pop-up mod, SMS mod, weather mod, badges, sliders (though, the sliders are aligned incorrectly)…etc. It is a well designed theme that was been around for a while now. You can get Picnic V2 via the SOS iPhone source. [Read more…]

AniGif – Create Animated Images From Photos Send them via Email or Twitter

Available In: App Store       Price: $1.99  

AniGif Readdle has announces the release of AniGif, an application that allows you to create animated images from your photos and send them via email or post them to Twitter.

The application works by creating an animated gif from a set of photos either from your iPhone library or from photos that you take in the application. The images need to be in a progressive order for the app to work correctly. Once the images have been added to the application, you can rearrange them or delete specific images using the Edit option. When all the images are in the correct order, you can view the animation. [Read more…]

App Store Redeem Button Moved… Once Again

##ICON_NAME## It seems that Apple has once again moved the Redeem button. The Redeem feature allows the ability to use promo codes to redeem applications from the App Store.

The Redeem option has now been moved to into the App Store application under the Featured option. Once in the Featured option, you will need to go into the New category and scroll all the way to the bottom… there you will see Redeem. [Read more…]

iPhone 3GS Commercial – Share

iPhone 3GS Commercial – Travel

Soda – WinterBoard Theme

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Soda sodatheme3 Soda is a WinterBoard theme that contains 40 small icons, 2 docks, 4 wallpapers, badges, and page dots. The theme does install an Extra Icons pack which can also be enabled in WinterBoard. If you are on the 3.x firmware, the Messages icon will not display corrrectly, you will need to ssh into the Library/Themes/Soda.theme/Icons folder and change Text.png to Messages.png. I also noticed that there were a few alternate icons in the Library/Themes/Soda.theme/Icons folder folder. So, you can always check those out as well.

The theme does include a template for the icons (.psd file). If you open the Read Me file, you will find instructions on how to use the template. You can get Soda via the modmyi source. [Read more…]

Taxi Jam – Traffic Control Game

Available In: App Store       Price: $0.99  

Taxi Jam If you are a fan of Flight Control (or ladies, you are a fan of Sally’s Spa) you will want to take a look at Taxi Jam. Taxi Jam is a traffic control game in which you must navigate taxi cabs through busy city streets.

The object of the game is to pick up the customer, take them to a specific location and drop them off… all without crashing into any other taxis, getting run over by emergency vehicles and keeping the customer happy. [Read more…]

Popup Blocker – Control the Popups on Your iPhone or iPod touch

Available In: Cydia       Price: $0.99  

Popup Blocker Popup Blocker is an application that allows you to control just about every popup that you could get on an iPhone and/or iPod touch.

Once installed, you can get to the app in your stock Settings application. Here you have the options to enable/disable the application, Block Away Items, turn on/off Wake On Alert (this turns on your screen when you receive an alert) and set Alerts. [Read more…]