AniGif – Create Animated Images From Photos Send them via Email or Twitter

Available In: App Store       Price: $1.99  

AniGif Readdle has announces the release of AniGif, an application that allows you to create animated images from your photos and send them via email or post them to Twitter.

The application works by creating an animated gif from a set of photos either from your iPhone library or from photos that you take in the application. The images need to be in a progressive order for the app to work correctly. Once the images have been added to the application, you can rearrange them or delete specific images using the Edit option. When all the images are in the correct order, you can view the animation. [Read more…]

LiveTime – Animated Clock Icon

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

LiveTime LiveTime is an application that animates and updates the clock icon on your SpringBoard…allowing it to continually display the current time. When you install LiveTime, it will automatically begin to animate your clock icon. The hour and minute hand will show the current time and the second hand will move accordingly. Now, when you first install the application, it is an overlay on your stock icon. So, you will see the stock time (10:15 and 0 seconds) underneath the animated clock. However, when you installed LiveTime, it also added a theme to WinterBoard titled; LiveTime Clock. If you go into WinterBoard and activate the theme, it will change the icon so that you only see the animated clock. [Read more…]

Cydia Gets Fancy – New (Animated) Graphics

Cydia Well, it seems that I have missed a very cool new feature in Cydia. When you are on the Home option (on the lower menu bar) in Cydia, you get a menu with options such as Featured Packages, More Packages Source, F.A.Q…etc. If you select the Featured Packages option, you get a nice list of the featured applications (sponsored, free, commercial…etc). Everything seems normal but, wait until you select one of the apps…things get all crazy! :)

When you select one of the featured apps, keep your eye on the icon in the upper right corner. Yes, it was totally animated…switching from the icon that represents what category the app is in to the application’s actual icon. Not only is it cool that it is animated but, I love that you now get to see the app’s actual icon instead of the generic icon that represents what category the app is in! This is currently implemented in all the apps in the Featured Packages section as well as the sources in the More Package Sources section. Though, I heard through the grape vine that this is going to work it’s way into more areas of Cydia! Very cool! Cydia is like all fancy now! :) [Read more…]

Animated Lockscreens

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

winterboard Recently, there has been a couple of files in Cydia that have caught my eye. These were lockscreen animations. This made me pretty excited because I could finally de-uglify my lock screen. There are 3 available through the ModMyiFone source, one of KoiFish, one of Clown Fish, and one (for the guys) of a speedometer. They’re pretty neat an add a nice touch to the customization of your iPhone. It’s also something nice to look at when you unlock (literally, not SIM card unlock) your iPhone instead of a stale picture. Since this has been discovered, I’m sure we’re gonna see a lot more being released in the next couple of days, or even weeks!

Note: (from Brooke) These are used via WinterBoard. So, once you install them you will need to go into WinterBoard to activate them.