Safari Tab Closer – Close All Your Tabs With One Button

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Safari Tab Closer Safari Tab Closer is an app that allows you to close all your open Safari tabs using just one button! When you install Safari Tab Closer, it does not add an icon to your SpringBoard, it just automatically enables the mod. To use the mod, open Safari and tap and hold the icon all the way to the right on the lower menu bar (the tab icon). This will then open a pop-up with two options; Close All Tabs and Cancel. If you select Close All Tabs, all your open Safari tabs will close. Brilliant…just brilliant! This app worked fine for me and is available via the BigBoss source. [Read more…]

WinterBoard Mods – Dialer, Keyboard and Progress Bar Mods

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard Well, after a six long days of traveling and family get togethers for Christmas, I’m working my way through the Cydia apps that were released in the last few days. Below are a few notable WinterBoard mods. The first mod is a dialer mod which changes your phone keypad. Apple X Dialer, via BigBoss, does exactly what it sounds like….gives your dialer an Apple X theme. The second mod is a keyboard mod. Carbon Fiber Keyboard, via BigBoss, is a mod that will give your keyboard a carbon fiber look. Both of these mods installed and worked correctly for me. The third mod is my favorite…a Safari Progress Bar mod via BigBoss. This mod changes the loading bar in Safari when loading a web page. It comes in a few different colors including; Dark Blue, Aqua, Red, Orange, Lime, Green and Pink. All of these mods are activated via WinterBoard. SEe screenshots below. [Read more…]

The New Look of BossPrefs?

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

bossprefs BigBoss’s website has been moved to a new url ( and while I was checking it out today, I noticed that he posted about some work he is doing on a new app. I know quite a few of you really like BossPrefs so, you might want to check out the new app. Below are some screenshots and a description from BigBoss’s website.

“The toggles drop down when you swipe along the status bar. It is very fast and can be used while in any app without exiting the app. Suppose you are in Safari but realize your 3g is not yet enabled. Simple! Just swipe the statusbar and tap 3g and resume in safari where you left off. No need to exit safari and load settings or bossprefs.
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iDontCrash – Fraudulent App

BigBoss BigBoss has put out a warning on his website about a fraudulent application called iDontCrash. It seems that a developer tried to get BigBoss to host his application but due to curiosity BigBoss decided to take a good look at the app before hosting it. Below is what he found…this is just a snippet of the article. You can view the full article HERE. .

A week ago, a developer tried to send me an app called iDontCrash to host. Being curious, and a developer myself, I asked a few questions about this app before hosting it. The answers proved to me that it is total fraud on the community. It should be called iDontWork or iAmFake. This app gave me hours of enjoyment while we were picking it apart. In short, do not trust this app or its developer Brandon Rose. It is upsetting when someone tries to harm our community, therefore, I decided to post all about this app and its pseudo developer.

What is iDontCrash? It is nothing. A fake app not even built for iPhone that does nothing but give you, the hopeful user, false hopes.
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Facts 1.0

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Facts Facts is a fun little app that give you trivia about certain topics. When you open Facts you will find seven categories; Animals, Bad Predictions, Humans, Misc, Science, Superstition and US States. When you select a category you will be brought to a page with an image and a fact. At the top of the page you will also see two options; Back and Seq+. If you select Seq+ you will also get the options; Seq- and Rand. Seq+ will rotate through the facts in order, Seq- will rotate backwards through the facts and Rand rotate randomly through the facts. The Back option will bring you back to the main list of categories. [Read more…]

2.0 and 2.0.1 Troubleshooting

BigBoss BigBoss has written a nice article that gives a lot of 2.0/2.0.1 troubleshooting hints and tips. Below is a snippet of the article.

Many comments on various issues in 2.0 or 2.0.1 upgrades. Many questions have been answered numerous times. I am adding a summary of a lot of the problems and solutions in this post for reference. I can also update it over time if we need it.

Problem: Mail App crashes after my update.
Solution: This is caused by the sync of the backup from iTunes. The permissions on the mail folder are incorrect (it’s owned by root). The easiest fix is to run bossprefs, click more, and click “fix user dir permissions”. You may need to reboot.
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NeverputtME 1.4.1

Available In: Installer       Price: Free  

NeverputtME NeverputtME is a game that has been out for a little while now via Installer…for firmware 1.1.4 and below. It is a putting game, created by Lazrhog, that is based on the Neverball engine. I actually tested this game when it first came out however, like Neverball, it is impossible to get screenshots of the application. Well, we finally got some screenshots! So, time for a review! When you open NeverputtME, you will get the info screen where you will get a little bit of information about the app. To get to the Main Menu of the app, select the Play option in the upper left corner.

You will then be brought to the main menu which has two options; Play and Help. Help will give you hints on how to play the game. If you select Play you are able to choose a course. As you drag your finger across the course options [Read more…]

Neverball 1.4.1

Available In: Installer       Price: Free  

Neverball The update to version 1.4.1 of Neverball change the name of the application to NeverballME. BigBoss also mentioned that, “The main changes here are to update the data files used to allow for NeverPutt.” It does feel like the app plays a little smoother as well. You can get NeverballME though the BigBoss source.

Neverball 1.4.1

Metronome 2.11

Metronome is a really nice application that will either display a metronome based on BMP or that allows you to tap out your own tempo. When you open the application, you will get a pop-up with instructions on how the app can be used via an iPod Touch. You will then get the main screen. At the top of the screen is the option to turn on/off the metronome. Turning off the metronome allows you to tap your own tempo. If you turn the metronome on, you can then adjust the metronome using a the options given. You can adjust the Beats Per Minute (BPM), the Beats and the type of note it plays. What is really nice is that as it plays the beat, it display the number of beat it is on and gives you a nice chime when it starts over on beat one. The slider at the bottom of the screen allows you to change adjust the volume of the metronome.

If you choose to tap in your own beat. [Read more…]

Neverball 1.2.1

Available In: Installer       Price: Free  

#Neverball The update to version 1.2.1 of Neverball makes a few changes to the Settings option. In the Settings there is still a Calibrate option however, it has changed slightly. You can now select one of two icons that will adjust how much your iPhone will be tilted when you play the game. Once you have chosen one of the two icons, you can then calibrate your iPhone. Just tilt your iPhone until the yellow boxes, on both the side and bottom of the screen, are in the middle of the red line then select Calibrate Centre. It will say that it has saved your Calibration. You also have the ability to choose between three sensitivities; Low, Medium and High. I found that the Setting with [Read more…]

Tetris! 3.5 and PenguinPanic 3.5

Available In: Installer       Price: Free  

Tetris! The update to version 3.5 of Tetris! and PenguinPanic make the same changes to both applications. On the main intro screen, the Start and Donate button are now larger and have a nicer design. Also, once you have won (or lost) a game, you are now able to submit your score to an online High Scores database. I personally am a big fan of High Scores!! If you choose to submit your score it will open a web browser with the High Score list. The list automatically displays the top 25 scores but, you can continue to load 25 more. You can also sort the High Scores by Day, Week or Month. Both Tetris! and PenguinPanic are available through the BigBoss source. Below are the screenshots.
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Neverball 1.1

Available In: Installer       Price: Free;  

neverball The update to Neverball 1.1 adds a very important new feature to the main menu; Settings. In the settings you can set the calibration of the app. This allows you to choose if you would like that application controls to be tipped forward or back and anywhere in between. All you do is tip your iPhone and when you have it where you want it, select Calibrate Center. This will change the angle at which the game is played. Then select back and go into the application. this makes the application sooooo much easier to play. I actually really enjoy this game now! The only other change I noticed was that when you are in a level, the goal doesn’t light up until you have collected enough coins. I think in the previous version it was lite up all the time. You can get Neverball through the BigBoss source.

Note: I couldn’t get screenshots of the new feature because you can not take screenshots of this application.

iSlsk 0.31

iSlsk Version 0.3.1 of iSlsk fixes a bug a few people were experiencing with version 0.3 of the application. It seems that some people were having a problem with the music freezing while it was importing and therefore never completing the download. I did not have this issue with the previous version so, I cannot tell you for sure that it is fixed. Let me know in the comments if you were experiencing freezing and if the update fixed it for you. You can get iSlsk via the BigBoss source.

iSlsk 0.31

Neverball 1.0

Neverball We have had the demo version of Neverball for a few days now so I was excited to finally see it in the Installer! When you open the application, you will get a main menu with the options; Play, Replay and Help. The menu can be tricky to navigate but, you will get the hang of it after a few tries. If you select the Help option, you will get a screen explaining how to play Neverball. Some of the important points are that you can change the view of the game, while playing, by tapping in the Top Left for Chase View, Top Middle for Lazy View and Top Right for Manual View. You can also [Read more…]

iSlsk 0.3

iSlsk The update to version 0.3 of iSlsk, a file sharing application, adds quite a few changes to the application. Some of the visual changes include an updated icon, a What’s New option on the lower menu bar giving you more information about the application and spinner wheel in the status bar that indicates activity while searching for files. Below is a list of the rest of the changes in version 0.3. You can get iSlsk through the BigBoss source.

Note: Be sure to read all information regarding the use of this application before using.

Version 0.3 Change Log:
    • The long-awaited alphabetical sorting bug fix. No more artist/song/album crazy-letter-jump in your music player, and if you currently have it all messed up, it will be fixed automatically the next time you import a song.
    • Fixed major problems when trying to import a song with no tag information (blank title, artist and/or album)
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