BobbleBuddy – Create Custom Bobbleheads

Available In: App Store       Price: $1.99  

BobbleBuddyAdmittedly, I went through a bobblehead phase. First, there was the classic Dwight Schrute office bobblehead that my wife gave to me as a gift. Then, there were those bobblehead giveaways at Cubs games (I still remember the Michael Barrett bobblehead that fans received after he was traded away). Now, it seems that the bobblehead craze has finally hit the iPhone. A quick App Store search reveals dozens of different bobblehead apps, including a multitude of basketball players being promoted through the NBA’s mini-bobble apps. Can BobbleBuddy distinguish itself from the rest?

The application is very simple to operate, and within minutes, you’ll have a nice bobblehead of yourself ready to be proudly displayed. The first step is to create your own bobblehead (assuming you don’t want to just watch the ones that come preinstalled with the application). Naturally, a bobble’s head is the key feature, so you are given options to choose a preexisting head, crop/rotate a photo from your library, or use the camera to take a new picture. Wardrobe comes next as you get to accessorize your bobblehead with a body, hair, and a hat as you so desire. Choosing a background comes next, and again, you can choose from preexisting ones, photos, and a new camera image. Once you save your bobblehead, you can then share it via email or just save it to your camera roll.
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