Brick Avoid – In the App Store

Available In: App Store       Price: $0.99  

BrickAvoid If you have been around the jailbreak scene for a little while, you are probably familiar with Brick Avoid. Well, Brick Avoid has been available in the App Store since early June. I always like it when jailbreak games hit the App Store!

The object of the game has not changed, you still want to avoid being hit by the bricks for as long as possible, however it does have a new look and some new features. The color scheme is now blue instead of orange and it has a nice moving sky background on the play screen instead of a plain orange screen. As for new features, you can see your time as you play and there is a Highscores option (which did not work in the jailbroke version of the game). [Read more…]

Brick Avoid

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Brick Avoid Brick Avoid was actually released earlier this week however, when I went to test it, I thought it was broken. I expected to see an update for the app but, I never did. Well, this morning, my 2 year old son showed me that it indeed was not broken just user error! When you open the application, you will get a loading screen in which you need to tap to continue into the application. You will then get another “loading” screen in which you also have to tap to get to the main menu of the application.

On the main menu you have the options; Start Game, Settings, HighScores, About and Quit. The Setting and HighScores options are not available at this time. Once you have selected Start Game, the game will begin when you tap and hold on the little guy. You then need to continue to hold the guy as you move him around the screen to avoid being hit by the bricks. Once you are hit by a brick, you will get a screen displaying how long you were able to avoid being hit.
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