No Page Dots – Easily Remove Page Dots

No Page Dots is a very simple mod that completely removes the page dots at the bottom of the SpringBoard page. Once you install the app, it automatically removes the page dots… it does not add it into WinterBoard, add an icon to the SpringBoard or have any settings. The page dots stay removed even if you change your theme. To get the page dots back, just uninstall the app in Cydia. I didn’t have any issue when I was testing this mod. I was able to install and uninstall it without a problem! I think there are a few mods like this in Cydia but, this is the first one I have actually reviewed and it worked great. You can get No Page Dots via the BigBoss source.
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LockInfo Update – iOS 4.2.1 Compatibility, Improvements and Bug Fixes

LockInfo, a feature-packed lock screen mod, was updated to version It is a pretty decent update that includes compatibility with iOS 4.2.1, improvements and few bug fixes (full changelog below). I like the improvements to the Mail app. I especially like that, since you are now able to click on links in mail messages on the lock screen, it asks for your password before opening them… good security. Sometime that gets over-looked. I also noticed that the app’s price is $7.99 instead of the previous $4.99. Because I had already purchased the app… I’m not sure if the price change occurred with this update or if it had already gone up. Anyway, LockInfo was updated and will now work with 4.2.1! YAY!… since it is one of my favorite lock screen mods!
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Dev-Team Releases New Version of redsn0w – Jailbreaks 4.2.1

Yesterday, the Dev-Team updated redsn0w. The update allows the ability to jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 as well as install custom bundles. However, it is not compatible with the new version of Cydia and is still a tethered jailbreak for some devices. This jailbreak is created for people who are comfortable with the jailbreak process. Make sure you read all of the Dev-Teams info (below) before you give it a shot.
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Change the Font Color and Style for LockInfo

Lockinfo White Text is a mod that changes the font color and style for LockInfo (a feature-packed lock screen mod). Normally, on LockInfo, the title font is white and the rest of the text is gray. This mod changes all the text to white and italicizes the title font to help differentiate between the title and the rest of the text. This mod would come in handy if you have a lock screen background that makes it difficult to read the gray text. Overall the mod worked exactly how I expected it to. I was able to activate and deactivate it without a problem.

The mod can be activated/deactivated using WinterBoard and is available via the BigBoss source. Check out the screenshots below.
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Cydia Acquires Rock Your iPhone

Cydia It seems that Saurik (the developer of Cydia) has recently required Rock Your iPhone. For those of you who are not familiar with Rock Your iPhone, it is another application used to install jailbroken apps onto your device. Some of you die-hard Rock Your iPhone fans might be freaking out a little bit but, Saurik has written up a detailed FAQ section on Cydia… below are a few of the biggies. [Read more…]

List of Applications Compatible with Jailbreak

CydiaHere is a list of apps that have been either confirmed or denied working with the new iPhone 4, iOS firmwares and jailbreak. This is info gathered by the community so if it conflicts with your device, please let us know.
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Friday Night Movie Night: Interview With Jay Freeman (Saurik)

CydiaThis is an interesting interview with Jay Freeman, A.K.A. Saurik, the developer of Cydia. In the video, he shows a jailbroken iPhone 4. Unfortunately, he doesn’t release any info on a release date of the jailbreak.

ScreenRecorderDemo – Free Version of ScreenRecorder

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

##ICON_NAME## For those of you who may have missed the full release of ScreenRecorder, it is a simple application that captures video of your device’s screen. ScreenRecorderDemo is actually a free, demo version of the same application. The demo version does have a few restrictions including; it will only record for 30 seconds, you are not able to email saved video files and it is ad supported. However, it is nice for those of you who would like to try it out before committing to the $1.99 price tag for the full version.

The app has been through a few changes since the first time we reviewed it so I will give you a quick overview.
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Slim Slide – Slider Mode

If you are not a huge fan of the stock ‘Slide to Unlock’ slider but, do not want to get rid of the slider altogether, Slim Slide might be the mod for you. Slim Slide is a simple and clean slider that is activated/deactivated via WinterBoard. This might be a nice mod for those of you who have a lockscreen mod (such as LockInfo) and would like to have a slider that doesn’t take up as much of your lockscreen space.

I had no issues when I activated the mod. You can get Slim Slider via the modmyi source. Screenshots below.
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SBRotator Updated – Improved Performance and New Features

Available In: Cydia       Price: $1.99  

##ICON_NAME## SBRotator, a hack that allows your iPhone to rotate in all 4 possible orientations, was updated to version 1.2. The update makes a few improvements, fixes a decent amount of compatibility issues and adds quite a few new features (see below for full change log). The most noticeable change after the update is the improved performance. The hack is definitely faster and smoother.

In the Settings, you will find quite a few new features. In the basic features you now have the ability to choose from four Background Behaviors (Zoom, Crop, Stretch and Use Wide Theme), the ability to adjust the Animation Duration and the ability to choose between three Animation Themes. You can also choose to scale both the undocked and dock icons as well as hide the icon labels for both the undocked and docked icons. [Read more…]

Element Lockscreen Now Available in Cydia!

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

##ICON_NAME## I don’t know about you guys but it seems like FOREVER since we wrote that the Element lockscreen concept was going to become reality. Well, it looks as though it has finally made it’s way into Cydia. A few days ago, I was perusing (yes, perusing) Cydia and to my astonishment what did I see… Element. At first I thought it was a theme or maybe some random look-a-like but after some further exploration I found it to be the real deal. However, I’m going to warn you right away, don’t get too excited this is definitely a first release.

The lockscreen was released in Cydia as a cydget. For those of you who do not know what Cydget is, it is “framework for managing lock screen plugins.” Which means, like most cydgets, it runs a little slow. Once you install the app (you will also want to install the Cydget ‘app’ if you do not already have it installed), you will then need to go into your stock Settings application under the Cydget option and tap on Element to activate it on your loackscreen. Once you have done that, you can go into your stock Settings and find the Element option where you will see some basic Setting for the Element lockscreen.
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More Cydia Crashing (December 28th)

CydiaMy Cydia started crashing on my today and I’ve heard of others having the same problem. I’m looking for a fix and if I hear of one I’ll let everyone know. I’ve found a solution by searching Twitter :)

It seems the only people having trouble have the macciti/zodttd’s source. There is no need to restore your iPhone. Here is a simple fix:

– Connect to your iphone/ipod via either ssh, mobile terminal, ifile, diskaid or some other type of usb file system browser. Browse to /var/lib/apt/lists/
– Delete cydia.zodttd-1.com_repo_cydia_dists_stable_main_binary-iphoneos-arm_Packages. Mine was actually /var/lib/apt/lists/cydia.zodttd.com_repo_cydia_dists_stable_main_binary-iphoneos-arm_Packages.

Cydia encountered a section with no package header [fix]

cydiaMy Cydia app hasn’t been working lately. I’ve been getting the error “Cydia encountered a section with no package header”, then most of Cydia won’t work. I tried reinstalling Cydia but that didn’t work. After searching around, I found a fix that worked for me. You’ll need to have SSH installed, or use an app like Disk Aid, so you can see the file structure of your iPhone and delete some stuff.

Here’s where you need to go to delete the files. /private/var/lib/apt/lists/ Make sure you do not delete the folder “partial”! You can delete all the other files in that folder.

After doing this your Cydia should be back to working again. :)


New Poll – What app do you use to get jailbroke applications onto your iPhone and/or iPod touch?

AiS Time for a new poll. The last poll was – Do you use the passcode lock on your iPhone and/or iPod touch? Below are the results.

* Yes (46.0%, 485 Votes)
* No (54.0%, 559 Votes)
Total Voters: 1,044

I think it is interesting that this is almost a 50/50 vote. I still haven’t decided if I’m going to passcode lock my iPhone or not… at the moment it does not have a passcode lock on it. You can still vote on this Poll in our Poll Archive page. You can also vote/view all the past polls on the Poll Archive page as well.

The next poll I decided to do after some frustration about the fact that lately quite a few jailbroke applications automatically install the Rock Your iPhone RockApp when they are installed. I personally use Cydia and do not want to install RockApp. Then I got to thinking… maybe some people do use RockApp. Thus the poll.

What app do you use to get jailbroke applications onto your iPhone and/or iPod touch?

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Cydia Updates

##ICON_NAME## Cydia has had two updates since yesterday to version 1.0.3032-62 and 1.0.3044-65. I do not see any visual changes to Cydia with the updates. Let me know in the comments if you notice any changes.