iSmart Dialer – Quickly Call, Text or Email Contacts Directly From Your Stock Keypad

Available In: Cydia       Price: $7.99  

iSmartDialer Ok, I have to admit that I have been procrastinating the review of this application (only because usually these apps aren’t very good) however, about ten seconds into reviewing iSmartDialer I realized I was going to be wrong with this one!

iSmartDialer is an application that allows you to easily search your contacts, send a text and send an email all from your stock dialer. Once you install the app, you will need to activate it. In order to activate it, you have to purchase it which costs $7.99(USD). So, continue reading and you can decide if this is an application you are interested in purchasing. [Read more…]

WinterBoard Mods – Dialer, Keyboard and Progress Bar Mods

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard Well, after a six long days of traveling and family get togethers for Christmas, I’m working my way through the Cydia apps that were released in the last few days. Below are a few notable WinterBoard mods. The first mod is a dialer mod which changes your phone keypad. Apple X Dialer, via BigBoss, does exactly what it sounds like….gives your dialer an Apple X theme. The second mod is a keyboard mod. Carbon Fiber Keyboard, via BigBoss, is a mod that will give your keyboard a carbon fiber look. Both of these mods installed and worked correctly for me. The third mod is my favorite…a Safari Progress Bar mod via BigBoss. This mod changes the loading bar in Safari when loading a web page. It comes in a few different colors including; Dark Blue, Aqua, Red, Orange, Lime, Green and Pink. All of these mods are activated via WinterBoard. SEe screenshots below. [Read more…]

Updated F.A.Q Page – How to Change your Dialer.

AiS Hey guys, as you already know, in between writing articles and working on the new website, I have been working on updating our F.A.Q page to be more relevant to the 2.x firmware. Tonight I updated our “How do I change the dialer on my iPhone?” There honestly is not a lot of difference in modding your dialer from firmware 1.1.x to the 2.x firmware…the steps are basically the same and the modded folder ( is still the same. So, if you used to manually change your dialer on 1.1.x firmware but haven’t given it a shot on the 2.x firmware…you can check out the instructions. The only thing I will say is that some dialer files are made for specific firmwares so make sure you are downloading a dialer that is for the firmware you are running.

WinterBoard Mods

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard There are a couple of cool mods in Cydia that I thought I would mention. One is a dialer mod that is actually similar to very popular dialer mod for firmware 1.1.4 and below. Retro Phone Dialer (via modmyi) will change your dialer keypad to look like an old school pay phone dialer…it’s pretty cool! The other mod is a Cydia theme. enBuufydia (via modmyi) is a mod that will change Cydia to match the Buuf theme. I know quite a few of you use the Buuf theme so, here is just one more thing you can mod to match your theme! Both mods can be activated and deactivated via WinterBoard with no issues. Below are the screenshots of both mods. [Read more…]

FontSwap – Change the Fonts on your iPhone or iPod Touch

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

FontSwap Well, it seems that FontSwap has made it’s way to firmware 2.x. A different icon, a much different user interface but overall, the same idea. The application opens to the main menu where you will find four options; Dialer Fonts, LockClock Fonts, Notes Fonts and System Fonts. The Dialer Fonts will change the font of your keypad when you dial a phone number. The LockClock Fonts will change the font of the clock on your lock screen. The Notes Fonts will change the font within your Notes application and the System Fonts change basically everything else. The system font includes your icon labels, pop-up font, font in all your menus, font within applications (ex. Settings, WinterBoard)….basically all other font on your iPhone or iPod Touch. [Read more…]