Friday Night Movie Night: The iPad DJ

iPodThis is probably the reason that YouTube doesn’t allow every account to upload videos over 10 minutes long. This video is from Scobleizer’s account which can go over the 10 minute limit and so this video is 17:49. A little long but there is some sweet gear in this video and of course some sweet apps. This DJ is doing most everything from two iPads. Check out the video and I also have all the apps she used listed below.


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Friday Night Movie Night: Touch DJ – Pro Level MP3 DJ Mixing

Available In: App Store       Price: $19.99  

Touch DJTonight, my wife and I went to dinner with friends, one being a local radio station manager. He was telling me one of his employees was super excited about a DJ app that was released recently. He said the guy had been waiting for the app and that I should check it out. Well, looking for videos for tonight’s Friday Night Movie Night I just happened to run across the same app and I’m telling you, from the video, it looks like it’s worth the $19.99 their asking for it. I’m gonna try hard to get a promo code for this app and get a video review of all it’s features. Being such an expensive app, you need to know what it can do before you buy. Here’s their promo video which is pretty convincing if you’re into this kinda stuff.