Friday Night Movie Night: Call of Juarez – Shotgun application

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

Shotgun FreeThis video is so well done I just had to post it. The app is pretty simple, it make your iPhone sound like a shotgun. I’m guessing they spent more on the commercial than the app…

Shotgun Free

SBSettings and SBSettingsToggles Updated – Free Memory Feature

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

SBSettings BigBoss has released an update for both SBSettings and SBSettingsToggles. The update adds a Free Memory feature to the Processes toggle. The Free Memory feature allow you to free up memory on your device without actually killing an processes.

To activate the feature, you will need to have the Processes toggle turned on (you can do so by going into the More option in SBSettings then the Set Toggles option and then turn on the Processes toggle). Once you have turned on the Processes toggle, you can open SBSettings and tap on the Processes toggle. This will bring up a menu of all the processes running on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You will notice there is a new “Free Memory” button at the bottom of the menu. Just tap on it and it will free up memory on your device without ending any of your processes. [Read more…]

Nissho Creative Applications Free Today Through March 29th

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

logo_ichiban Nissho Creative Corp. (aka Ichiban Games) is running a promotion in which all of their application are free from today (March 27th) through March 29th. The apps include Fire Art Garden (normally $0.99), Einstein (normally $4.99) and Watts Shockin’ (normally $1.99). I have had Fire Art Garden on my iPhone for a while now and it is a game that I enjoy. I have very briefly played Watts Shockin’ and it seems like a decent app too. I have not demoed Einstein (Note: Einstein requires 2.2.1 firmware). So, if you are looking for some new games…you might want to check these out!

Fire Art Garden Fire Art Garden – “Fire Art Garden is an action puzzle game where they player slides panels around the screen to guide lit fuses to firework canons. Players complete a stage by connecting a lit fuse to all the cannons on the screen.”

Organizer App Store Link

Einstein Einstein – “Einstein is a 3D action game where the player tries to get the colored balls into the same color goals by denting (touching the cells) and tilting the game board.”

Organizer App Store Link

Watts Shockin' Watts Shockin’ – “Watts Shockin’ is a puzzle game designed for casual gamers and uber-gamers alike where players can race against their own best time or against the clock, rotating wire tiles to connect the light bulbs placed around the playing field with the batteries that provide the electric charge.”

Organizer App Store Link

App Store Apps Curretly on Sale – CoffeeNut, iSteam and Sparrow

Available In: App Store       Price: Free (for a limited time)  

Below are a few applications that are currently free in the App Store. They are only free for a limited time so, check them out while you can!

Sparrow Sparrow – “Sparrow is the simplest way to update your location on iPhone. With one tap, you can tell Fire Eagle and Twitter exactly where you are. Sparrow determines your current position using iPhone’s built-in GPS receiver and then stores your coordinates in the cloud using Fire Eagle’s secure API. Sparrow talks to Twitter, as well. Each time you check-in with Fire Eagle, Sparrow can optionally update your Twitter profile location to match. ” Sparrow App Store Link

CoffeeNu CoffeeNut – “How much do you really spend on coffee? CoffeeNut allows you to track your coffee intake throughout the year. Any time you have a coffee break, simply select your drink from the customizable menu and log it. CoffeeNut allows you to see your overall average coffee consumption as well as how much you’ve had each day for the last week.”
Sparrow App Store Link

iSteam iSteam – “Your phone can now do so much more… Welcome the first “steamy” photo editor for the iPhone / iPod touch. We are proud to deliver you the unique chance to turn your device into a foggy surface just like your mirror after a hot shower or as your window on a winter day. iSteam exploits all the features of your device (accelerometer, multitouch, microphone, speakers) like never before, for an astonishingly realistic experience!” Sparrow App Store Link iPhone App Give Away

EnigmoMacheist is giving away free iPhone apps for their Christmas promotion. Go to and watch the Christmas tree for free apps! Apps just show general info and link to the App Store in iTunes as they grow bigger but once they get full size they will start to wiggle. That’s when you click on them to see if you’ve won. So far I haven’t won any but I will post here once I have.

On another note, please excuse my previous version of this post. I thought that they were giving away a free version of Enigmo 2 for the iPhone tomorrow. It seems that it’s just for the Mac and not the iPhone but it’s still free! Thanks to Stevey101 for catching this for me! Sorry about that!

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Free WiFi at AT&T Hotspots Including Starbucks!

AT&T Rumor has it that people have been getting text messages from AT&T saying that their iPhone has free WiFi access at AT&T hotspots…including Starbucks. Well, this morning both Doug and I received that exact text message. If you click on the link in the text message you get a webpage with more info (see screenshots below). At the bottom of the webpage there is another link titled, “Get started with AT&T WiFi.” When selected, it gives you exact instructions on how to connect to the WiFi. So, we decided to check it out.
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Polar Bear Farm Ltd Apps Currently Free

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

App Store Polar Bear Farm Ltd is allowing all of their apps to be downloaded for free from the App Store due to the companies first Birthday. Which means you can get Duck Shoot, Record, Telegram and Note Pad for free. Duck Shoot was previously $0.99, Record was previously $1.99, Telegram was previously $5.99 and Note Pad was previously $2.99. So, go get them while they are free!!

Duck Shooticonicon



Note Padiconicon

iRinger – Free Ringtone Maker

Yes, it’s really free. No kidding. Catch? Only works on Windows… But that’s ok ’cause if you’re on a Mac you can just use GarageBand. Here’s a video of how it works.

The sweet thing about this program is that it runs without installing on your system. So you can just throw it on a thumbdrive and it’s ready to go. It’s pretty simple and exports right to iTunes. Works great!

You can download it at

Upgrade to iPhone 3G for free if you purchased your iPhone after May 27th!

iPhone 3GAccording to Gizmodo….it has been confirmed that AT&T is going to allow customers who purchased an iPhone after May 27th to upgrade from the iPhone to the iPhone 3G for no extra cost. Which is pretty cool! As for the rest of us, we will have to sign a new 2-year contract in order to get our iPhone 3G’s!

Free iPod Touch from Apple

Apple has launched their back to school sale. When purchasing a laptop or iMac you can get a free 8GB iPod Touch or iPod Nano. The catch is you pay for it up front and then go online and get a rebate for $299. You must submit it online by October 15th. The computers also have discounts from $100 to $230. Visit for more info.

SkySMS 1.0.7

SkySMS I do not see any visual changes with the update to version 1.0.7 of SkySMS. I thought maybe the updated would add additional carriers. But, from what I can tell, everything is the same. SkySMS is available through the iSpazio source.

SkySMS 1.0.7