CatchPhrase 1.0.0

CatchPhrase CatchPhrase is a mood tracking application. When you are at work you can mark off the phrases that you catch people saying such as, You’re the best, WooHoo, I hate my job…etc. You are then able to create a graph displaying the general mood based on those phrases. When you open the application, it will open to the main screen. You will see four option in the upper menu bar; Popular, Recent, Alpha and Manual. Below there are the phrases. The Popular option will put the phrases you use most often at the top of the list, Recent will put the phrases you used last at the top of the list, Alpha will put the phrases in Alphabetical order and Manual will put them in the order in which you added them. You have to use the application for a little while before these four option become extremely useful. The application comes with 9 default phrases, [Read more…]