Bomberman Touch – AppStore

BombermanIn the past we have told you that Bomberman Touch from Hudson Soft (who is also bringing us Aqua Forest and Suduko) would be coming to the AppStore. However, we finally have a video demo of the application. Below is a short description of Bomberman Touch and the demo video.

You control Bomberman as he goes across each stage to defeat his opponents! The familiar Bomberman gameplay comes to the iPhone / iPod touch, with an easy to learn interface and in-depth gameplay. “BOMBERMAN TOUCH” provides you with a new gaming experience that utilizes the unique iPhone / iPod touch interface of flicking, tapping, and tilting with a built-in accelerometer. These features make it possible for revolutionary new operations with in the touch screen! Challenge the stage of the mysterious ancient ruins “KA-BOOM TEMPLE” where ancient treasures lie!

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Bomberman Touch, Aqua Forest and Sudoku – AppStore

Hudson Soft is creating three application that will be available via the AppStore – Bomberman Touch, Aqua Forest and Suduko. Bomberman and Sudoku are the classic games ported to the iPhone and iPod Touch. Aqua Forest is a collaborative work between Hudson Soft and Prometech Software. It is a “innovative software featuring the 2D multi physics engine ‘OctaveEngineâ„¢ Casual’.” Below is a description of the application and video demo.

Tilt and tip your handset to play the game with an accelerative sensor. As you advance through the game, trees grow rapidly! Draw a picture on the touch panel and use various effects (water dropping, fire, etc.) to change its shape. “OctaveEngineâ„¢Casual” makes entirely innovative gameplay possible!

You can get more info and screenshots of all the applications at Hudson Soft’s website

Video Demo:

Watch “Aqua Forest” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.