biteSMS 1.19

Available In: Installer       Price: Free  

biteSMS The update to version 1.19 of bitSMS makes a few updates to the application. It adds Danish and Spanish to the list of compatible languages. It is also said to improve the performance when rendering screens and scrolling. You are also able to switch between biteSMS and the stock SMS application. However, I could not get this feature to work! Let me know in the comments if it worked for you. You can get biteSMS through the Ste Packaging source.

biteSMS 1.19

Installer 4.0 Running on Firmware 2.0 (Updated)

Installer Since we are on the topic of jailbreaking firmware 2.0, I thought I would also mention that we do not have to worry about Installer not being able to run in firmware 2.0 (which is good because if Installer didn’t run on firmware 2.0 there would be no point in jailbreaking)!! RiP Dev has been giving us quite a bit of information in the last few days on what the new Installer version 4.0 will entail. And, because none of the previous applications available through the Installer will run on firmware 2.0, they have made quite a few changes to the Installer application. The following information is directly from the RiP Dev blog and it is quite the read. So, you will want to sit back and take a deep breathe before you start this one.

This post has been updated to include Part 1, 2 and 3 from the RiP Dev blog.

Part #1
I am fairly sure you are all excited with the newly opened App Store (just like I am). I’ve already purchased a bunch of applications (and of course, downloaded a few for free), and I must say big “thank you” to both Apple for rolling out such a system and to the developers who put a tremendous effort into creating all these applications.
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Installer Apps in App Store

AppStore After spending some time in the App Store and getting a feel for it, I realized that there are not a huge amount of applications avilable in the App Store…a lot of them are even in multiple categories. What I also noticed is that there were quite a few Installer applications in the App Store (or apps very similar). Below is a list of the applications that I saw in the App Store that are also available in the Installer. I also included how much the app costs via the App Store. Let me know if you notice any others that I may have missed.

Alarm (a self-defense/emergency alarm with a freefall detector) – Free
Band (collection of virtual instruments) – $9.99
Crosswords (puts crossword puzzles on your iPhone) – $9.99
Drummer (drum emulator) – $4.99
Dactyl (defuse the bombs before they blow up) – $0.99
Funambol (over-the-air backup and synchronization of iPhone contacts) – Free
iFob (social networking app that informs you when you are near other iPhone users) – Free
Karajan (a music and ear trainer for the iPhone) – $14.99
Labyrinth (classic labyrinth) – $6.99
Light (turns your iPhone into a flashlight) – Free
MobileFlickr (flickr navigating application) – $2.99
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Community Sources 3.85

The update to Community Sources 3.85 changes the source url for the BigBoss source. There are some hosting issues. So, if you are have problems downloading apps from the BigBoss source, make sure you update to version 3.85 of Community Sources.

Update: The update to version 3.85 solves a DNS issue that BigBoss was having. Apparently his DNS company decided to block his domain name – making is his email, website and repository go down. So, the update to Community Source make some changes so that BigBoss’s stuff will work again. If you would like to contact BigBoss, his new email address is Also, if you update your Community Source and the BigBoss repo shows up under Untitled Source, keep refreshing your sources until it shows up under Community Sources again.

Community Sources 3.85

Gizmodo’s App Contest

Gizmodo App Contest Gizmodo is holding a “contest” to find iPhone applications. It includes both AppStore and Installer applications. Here is what they have to say:

You’re proud of the work you’ve put into your iPhone SDK application. Show us what you did. Email your entry to with the subject “iPhone SDK App Contest: Name of App” with the name of your app there. Each entry should include screenshots (as many as it takes to properly illustrate your program) as well as a 1 paragraph description telling us what it’s all about. We’ll showcase the best ones here for the world to gawk at. [Read more…]

Linux Installer 2.0 & Switch-It 2.0

The following applications have been added to the BigBoss source. The changes to each application can be found in the notes below…also see the screenshots.

Linux InstallerLinux Installer. – The only change to this application is the version number. There are no visual changes to the actual application.

SwitchItSwitch-it. – Has new graphics. I personally liked the graphics in the previous version a little better. Besides the graphics, the application still functions the same as in previous versions. [Read more…]

Community Sources 3.84

The update to Community Sources 3.84 adds the iSpazio source to Community Sources. So, the Community Sources now include: BigBoss, iSpazio, ModMyiFone, RiP Dev and Ste Packaging.

Community Sources 3.84 Community Sources 3.84

Installer 3.11

Installer The update to Installer version 3.11 adds the search feature to the Uninstall Category. Which I think is great…there have been so many times when it would have been faster to search for an app then trying to find it somewhere in my Uninstall list!

Update (thanks to cool_guy): Version 3.11 also allows you to refresh one source at a time! All you have to do is go into the Sources Category, select the source you would like to refresh and then select Refresh Now!! Very cool guys…props! Check out the screenshots below to see what it looks like.

Installer 3.11 Installer 3.11 Installer 3.11 [Read more…]