PocketTouch 1.4.1

PocketTouch The update to PocketTouch makes only one visual change to the application and that is the addition of a Volume Sensitivity option in the Settings menu. This allows you to choose between three levels of sensitivity; 1, 2 or 3. 1 being the most sensitive and 3 being the least sensitive. 1 is the least sensitive, 2 has twice the sensitivity and 3 has three times the sensitivity of 1. There were also some bug fixes, enhancements and added language translations. See complete change log below. PocketTouch is avilable through the BigBoss source.

1.4 Change Log:
    • Completely reworked volume controller. This answers a long time request for more constant volume control while eliminating an anti-deafening safety net I had in place in all previous versions. Incidentally, this method uses much less math, resulting for a more snappier feel to the change. And while I was at it, I fixed the “bug” (read:laziness on my part) where you had to lift your finger completely off of the screen before changing swipe direction. [Read more…]

What about the iPod Touch?

There is a lot of talk about the iPhone 3G today but what about the iPod Touch? Well we did learn that to upgrade your iPod Touch to the 2.0 firmware will be $9.95. I’m really surprised Apple is charging for this. This mean you’ll have to pay for the App Store and then pay for apps. I know there are other features but this is still not kewl. Luckily the price isn’t that bad and I’d be willing to pay for the upgrade. Speaking of the Touch, since we saved more than needed for an iPhone, we’ll be buying an iPod Touch so we can keep all of those who have them up-to-date on what new and old apps work on the Touch. [Read more…]

Free iPod Touch from Apple

Apple has launched their back to school sale. When purchasing a laptop or iMac you can get a free 8GB iPod Touch or iPod Nano. The catch is you pay for it up front and then go online and get a rebate for $299. You must submit it online by October 15th. The computers also have discounts from $100 to $230. Visit apple.com/backtoschool for more info.

PocketTouch 1.3

PocketTouch I received an email from Skylar, the developer of PocketTouch, giving me some information about the update to PocketTouch. However, lets go over the changes first. The first thing I noticed when opening PocketTouch is that it has a slightly new look, making it even more polished than the previous version. If you select the “i” icon and go into the Settings, you will also see a few new options. [Read more…]

iCalls 0.6.1

iCalls Version 0.6.1 of iCalls just makes a few small visual changes. Instead of the text in the Overview and Settings being red…it is now blue. I think this helps people to realize they can change that info…instead of it being red which usually makes people leery to change it. The default settings have also changed so that the From date is today’s date as well as the To Date. So, it only displays the call history info for one day… [Read more…]