iSummer Theme – WinterBoard Theme (SBSettings Theme)

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

iSummer isummertheme iSummer is a nice WinterBoard theme that contains slides, a dock, status bar, badges, dialer, pop-up mod, wallpaper, 64 icons…etc. It is a dark theme but, it is well designed. I did notice that the theme folder has an icons2 folder with more icons in it. So, if you are ssh savvy, you can ssh into the Library/Theme/iSummer 2.0/icons2 folder and copy out all the icons and add them to the Library/Themes/iSummer 2.0/Icons folder. This theme also has a matching SBSettings theme. You can get both the iSummer Theme and the iSummer SBS Theme via the BigBoss source. [Read more…]