iPhone 3G Activation Issues

iTunesWe’ll write a longer update later about our morning but while we were at the Apple Store (for 2 hours) there seemed to be a problem with the local network. Employees were scrambling fix routers, airport express and find hard wire cables but then realized it was not a local issues, but a worldwide issues. Both Apple stores and cellular service providers were having issues. Eventually the Apple employees just told me to take it home and activate it.

I stopped by the AT&T store and they were having the same problems. They went to just selling iPhones without activating them and just making sure people were signing up for service. We stopped at a local coffee house/restaurant, Panara Bread, and activated Brooke’s iPhone after about 3 attempts. My iPhone was another story! At the time of writing this article, I was still getting the following error every time I connected my iPhone via USB to our laptop and iTunes:

App Store Open in iTunes

So it seems some people are, or were, able to get into the app store from iTunes. If you go to Edit > Preferences > General Tab and check mark Applications you can add it to Library in iTunes. Then when Applications is highlighted there are two options in the bottom right corner, Check for Updates and Get More Applications.

Here is a list of some of the Sweet Apps I’ve found: Remote (the app by Apple to use iPhone/iPod Touch as remote control for iTunes); AIM (AOL Instant Messanger); Epocrates Rx (perscription drugs?); Enigmo (Game) – $9.99; Typepad (mobile blogging); Whrrl (mobile social networking); Salesforce Mobile; MySpace Mobile – Free; Texas Hold’em; Ebay; Twitterrific – Free; At Bat (Major League Baseball); Netter’s Anatomy; Yellowpages – $0.99; Smugshot (photography); Weatherbug – Free; Disney’s All Stars; Omnifocus – $19.99; WHERE (navigation); Bomberman (Game); Lonley Planet (travel); PayPal – Free; Super Monkey Ball (game) – $9.99; Cro-Mag Ralley (game) – $9.99; Etch A Sketch – $4.99; Bejeweled 2 – $9.99; Evernote; iFob – Free; Bank of America Mobile Banking – Free; Drummer – $4.99; Mrs. Pacman – $9.99; Pool – $4.99; Sketches – $7.99; Trism (game) – $4.99; Twitterrific Premium – $9.99; Yelp – Free; AOL Radio – Free; Pandora Radio – Free; Flashlight – $0.99; New York Times – Free;

UPDATE: I am going to continue adding apps above until you see this warning disappear, so keep refreshing! [Read more…]

iTunes 7.7 Available for Windows

3:41 AM – I was able to visit Apple’s website and download iTunes 7.7 from there. iTunes wasn’t showing an update from clicking Help > Check for Updates. It is installing now. I will update this post as I have more info.

3:53 AM – Wow, this is taking forever!!!

4:04 AM – Rebooting

4:20 AM – I see no changes reguarding the App Store.

UPDATE: Here’s the link to download for Mac or PC – http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/

iPhone 3G Announcement at WWDC now on iTunes

What is 1.18 GB and 1 hour and 43 minutes and 58 seconds? The Keynote of the iPhone 3G. It is now available via iTunes from Apple. You can subscribe here.