HomeScreen2.0 – Lock Screen Mod

As many of you know, I am on the hunt for the perfect lock screen mod. In doing some other modding…I ran across HomeScreen2.0 by aldwin on It is a very simple and clean lock screen that displays the current time, date, weather and any missed events (text, call, email…etc). You can also tap on the date to see a month calendar view and you can tap on the weather to see a full week weather forecast.

homescreen20 homescreen202 homescreen203

I have been messing with this mod on and off for about a week now and I think I’m finally to a point where I have gotten it to work correctly so, I thought I would pass it along. It does take some ssh work along with some code editing. I will walk you through the steps, if you are willing, give it a try. [Read more…]

Blue-Island – Lock Screen Mod

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard blueislandtheme3 I am continuously on the lookout for a good lock screen theme. I was doing some modding last night and I ran across this theme…Blue-Island via the source (this source can be installed via Cydia in the More Package Sources section…check out THIS post for more info).

Blue-Island is a theme that has a very nice lock screen. It is a simple lock screen that displays the time and any missed events (calls, texts, new mail…etc). A quick note before I get started…this is theme is via a French repo so, the theme itself will not work for you unless you are French however, the lock screen works even if you are not French. [Read more…]

WinterBoard Mods

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard There were a few mods today in Cydia but, I’m only going to point out a few of them. Two themes, one battery mod and one lock screen mod. The two themes Laying on the Grass (via iSpazio) and Black and Teal (via modmyi) are both very unique themes. The battery mod, Battery Colors (via modmyi), is a simple mod of the stock battery that will change the color of your battery based on percentage (red, yellow, green, blue). Finally the lock screen mod, Tinker Bell Lockscreen (via BigBoss), is a very nicely designed lock screen mod including the battery, slider and wallpaper. Below are the screenshots of each mod. Note: all of the mods are activated via WinterBoard.
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RemindYou 2.0

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free Trial then $9.95  

RemindYou Many of you may remember RemindYou, a lock screen calendar app, from firmware 1.1.4 and below. It seems the app has made it’s way to the 2.x firmware. However, this time I can actually get it to work which is nice because with firmware 1.1.4 and below we could never get this application to work for us. When you open the application, you will get a list of Settings. Here you are able to change things like; font, font size, font color, 24 hour time, dim wallpaper…etc. However, I can’t seem to get a few of the settings to work. Any setting with an arrow next to it will not launch. This includes; Font, Font Color and Registration. All of the other Settings work just fine.
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IntelliScreen 2.0

Available In: Cydia       Price: $4.99 to $49.99  

IntelliScreenIntelliscreen is now available for firmware 2.0 via Cydia. You need to add the Intelliborn source for Cydia which is I don’t notice any new features. Note that after installing you need to turn your iPhone off and back on to complete the install. At first I though I got the SWOD (spinning wheel of death) but after about 30 seconds the springboard re-sprang and everything was fine.

iToday 0.6 & Skrew Common 1.45

iToday The update to Skrew Common and iToday, add some nice new features to the application. In the Settings menu, you will notice that the Display Settings option is now available. If you select it, you are brought to a screen in which you can disable (by tapping); Information (missed SMS/Calls icons, battery, temp.), Calendar, SMS History, Call History and Birthday. If you disable one of the options, it will not show up on your lock screen. You are also able to change the order in which they display on your lock screen. If you tap, hold and drag the three bars to the right of an options, you can then move it where you would like it. The order they are in the settings [Read more…]

IntelliScreen 1.08

IntelliScreen The update to version 1.08 of IntelliScreen makes a few bugs changes (see list below). I am a huge fan of this application but, since they added IntelliDial…it has been driving me crazy! I normally press the Home Button to turn on my lock screen however, when I do, it now opens IntelliDial. Not only does IntelliDial take a few seconds to open, I then have to hit my Home Button again to get back to my lock screen so that I can slide to unlock. I wish there was a different way to get to IntelliDial or that it didn’t activate until your lock screen was awake. IntelliScreen is available through the Intelliborn source.

Bug Fixes for version 1.08:
    •Detail Info on SMS Privacy and International Weather in Settings
    •Mail and SMS overlaps when only if new when using first location
    •Bottom of IntelliScreen too short
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IntelliScreen 0.95

IntelliScreen Below is the list of changes I noticed in the update to version 0.95 of IntelliScreen. IntelliScreen is available through the Intelliborn source.

Main Menu – The Auto-Check Mail option does not show up unless you have Mail set as Only New Messages. The Mail Account Option has been moved into the Mail option, they are now longer seperate options on the main menu. New quick preview icon in the upper left corner (magnifying glass). Just tap it to see a preview of what it will look like on your lock screen.
IntelliScreen 0.95 IntelliScreen 0.95

Display Order – There is a new feature in Display Settings; IntelliSkin. As for now, there are give options for skins; Default, Green, Purple, Red and TestDemoSkin.
IntelliScreen 0.95 IntelliScreen 0.95 IntelliScreen 0.95 IntelliScreen 0.95 IntelliScreen 0.95 IntelliScreen 0.95
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iToday 0.4

iToday The update to iToday adds only a few new features. You are now able to choose what format you would like the date/time to be displayed in and there are two new themes in the Themes section. I personally like IntelliScreen but, I’m curious to know which you prefer iToday or IntelliScreen. iToday is available through the Skrew source.

iToday 0.4 iToday 0.4 iToday 0.4 [Read more…]

IntelliScreen 0.8

IntelliScreen IntelliScreen has already updated to version 0.8. It has a new feature labeled “Show Time/Date”. It basically bumps down things so you can see the time and date at the top of your lock screen. I also noticed that the preview feature works. Here’s a couple screenshots:

iToday 0.1

iTodayiToday adds Phone & SMS icons, weather info and upcoming Birthdays to your lock screen. If you have a missed call or SMS, it will add a little number above the icon indicating how many missed calls/Texts you have. The temperature will update with the current temperature though, it doesn’t always work for me. Also, the birthdays that are listed look a little weird on my iPhone. I don’t know if it is because I do not have very many birthdays entered into my Contact or what but, I seem to get one Birthday and then two dates with no names behind them.

Another feature of the application is [Read more…]