Penguin Panic 3.0

Penguin Panic The update to Penguin Panic 3.0 does make a few changes to the application. The info tab, on the lower menu bar on the intro screen, has some new information. Instead of having Blue, Red, Yellow and Green snow flakes…there are now Blue, Purple and Black snowflakes. Blue is +500 points and makes your Penguin move faster, Purple is -500 points and makes your Penguin slower and the Black flakes will end the game. The Settings option has been implemented in the update. You are now able to choose between Easy, Medium and Hard skill levels and turn on/off the Deadly Flake option. However, the Deadly Fake option does not seem to work properly… [Read more…]

Penguin Panic 2.5

Penguin Panic Penguin Panic 2.5 consists of some strong and needed updates. The icon was changed once more. The main character that you control, “the penguin”, has now added a hat and a scarf to it’s attire. Also a small bar was added at the bottom of the start menu that includes: “Main Menu”, “Credits”, “Info”, and “Settings”. “Settings” makes me excited for the next version of Penguin Panic. You can’t do anything in the settings right now but, in a future release you will be able to change the “Penguin Color”, “Background theme”, “Difficulty”, and some other things that are not mentioned. The last major update is [Read more…]

Penguin Panic 2.0

Penguin Panic Penguin Panic 2.0 brings just small updates from the last version. The icon shows the full body of a penguin rather then just a head shot like in the previous version. The “done” button on the intro keyboard is larger and the “play again” button which appears once you lose is also larger. You also are no longer able to Submit your score when the game is over. The most important update that version 2.0 brings is that, you have to tilt your iPhone/iPod in order to start the game. I liked this feature because the game won’t start until you are ready. You can now get Penguin Panic from the BigBoss source.

Penguin Panic 2.0 Penguin Panic 2.0 Penguin Panic 2.0 [Read more…]