Today is the day… Verizon and AT&T Get iPads

A couple weeks ago, Apple announced that the iPad would be available in both Verizon and AT&T stores on October 28th. Today is the day! And, confirmed by a friend, the devices are indeed available today. Both AT&T and Verizon are offering the 16GB, 32GB and 64Gb iPad Wi-Fi with 3G (AT&T) or MiFi (Verizon). The plans are honestly pretty similarly priced with AT&T offering a $14.99 a month plan for up to 250MB of data and a $25 a month for up to 2GB of data. Verizon is offering a $20 a month plan for up to 1GB of data. Below are what, according to Apple, each company is offering.
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AT&T Post iPhone 3G Info

AT&TLots of good info here. Mainly the pricing for no contract iPhones are $599 & $699 (coming soon). For early upgrades the price is $399 & $499. If you currently have an iPhone or are upgrade eligible you will pay $199 & $299. Also, current AT&T customers are also charged a $18 upgrade fee.

If you’re new to AT&T you’ll need a photo ID and Social Security Number. A deposit may be required at time of purchase, upon credit review. An activation fee of $36 will be billed to your account and a 2 year contract is required. You can speed things up by visiting the AT&T store before the July 11th launch to run a pre-qualifying credit check.

To see more AT&T info on the iPhone 3G see this article on AT&T’s website.

Rogers Responds, Still No Unlimited

We got this email this morning from MS&L Digital speaking for Rogers. From what I could tell, there is still no unlimited data plan. Let us know if this helps the situation any or are you still upset with the plans from Rogers.

My name is Daniel DeMoss and I’m writing on behalf of Rogers to give you some additional information about the Rogers rate plans available for the iPhone.

The iPhone 3G bundles released June 27 are not the only price plans available to customers, they are the high value plans that allow Rogers customers to use the device to its fullest and offer considerable savings over separate voice and data plans that exist in market today.

That said, Rogers customers have more choices available to them and can use their existing voice and smartphone data plans if they wish. For example, they can select from the new data pricing [Read more…] – Canadians Fight Back Against High Data Plans From Rogers

If you haven’t heard, Rogers, the Canadian iPhone provider, recently announced their voice and data plans for the iPhone and Canadians aren’t too happy. The biggest problem is there is no unlimited data. If you are Canadian you can sign here or you can view the petition here. There is also a blog. Here are some comments from the petition:

– I waited a year to get a legit iPhone and now I’ll be waiting until our third carrier launches after the spectrum auctions….
– I’m going to stick with your competition (aka Bell) until you decide that your customers are important and deserve to be treated fairly. I guess this means no iPhone for me but at least I’ll be able to eat. Thanks a bunch for screwing up a great product! [Read more…]