iPhone 3GS Prototype Hits Ebay

Ebay It seems that a white 16GB iPhone 3GS has shown up on Ebay. According to Electricpig apparently the Ebay lister seems to have acquired the iPhone in May (a month before the June 19th release date) from someone who found it in a airport. Yep, that’s right, he says the prototype iPhone was just hang out at the airport. Oddly enough, the lister does have a decent Ebay history.

The iPhone apparently cannot be activated or restored and according the the Apple Genius people it, “is definitely iPhone 3G S, He matched the Serial Number on the SIM Tray with the Serial Number on the LogicBoard – they are the same, but He told me, nothing he can do about it, because He was unable to locate the number in Apple’s Database.” [Read more…]