RemindYou 1.2-1

RemindYou Well guys, I don’t know what you tell you about this application…I seriously cannot get it to work on my iPhone. Doug used to be able to get it to work but, now it just makes his lock screen go black. There are do not appear to be any visual changes on the Settings menu of the application, with the update to version 1.2-1. You will have to let me know in the comment if this application works for you. RemindYou is available through the BigBoss source.

RemindYou 1.2-1

RemindYou 1.1

RemindYou There are no visual changes to version 1.1 of RemindYou. The update did contain some bug fixes however, we continue to have issues with this application. I personally have never been able to get RemindYou to work on my iPhone. It does work on Doug’s iPhone but, it has random glitches. One example is that it made the lock screen go black with nothing on it. Let us know if you use this app and how it works for you. RemindYou is available through the BigBoss source.

RemindYou 1.1 RemindYou 1.1 RemindYou 1.1

RemindYou 1.0.2

RemindYou RemindYou is another lockscreen app that displays your upcoming events on your wallpaper. This app is a great concept but still has some work to do. Right now it actually writes the events on the .png file for your wallpaper. This means that if your wallpaper is landscape instead of portrait it doesn’t fit. Also, if you’re using SummerBoard and have wallpaper on your springboard the text shows there too. The app updates the info every 15 minutes. If you change your wallpaper you have to open the app and hit “Apply Changes” for it to appear again, otherwise it’s blank until it updates at the 15 minute mark. [Read more…]