A Falling Sand Game

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

A Falling Sand Game Yes, that is right…the title of the application is A Falling Sand Game (which for some reason I find funny! :)) This port is brought to us by ZodTTD…who also brought us psx4iphone, quake4iphone, genesis4iPhone, snes4iphone…etc. A Falling Sand Game is similar to EvolutionRGB (one of Doug’s absolute favorite games!) which we had in firmware 1.1.4.

So, like EvolutionRGB, the object of the “game” is to manipulate the environment. When the app opens, you can begin by selecting Let The Sand Fall. This will bring you to the main play screen where you see a few options. The little icons represent particles…such as, water, fire, sand, oil, plant, dirt…etc. Each particle responds differently with the rest for example, fire burns plants but water puts out fire. Once you select a particle, just drag your finger on the screen to drag that particle. You can also adjust the size of the particle using the slider bar. [Read more…]