Lockitron – Unlock Your House Doors With Your iPhone

I would love to have this iPhone accessory that allows you to unlock your home’s front door from your iPhone. I live in a condo so I have to park in a parking lot and then help my 3 kids into the house while carrying all sorts of things. It would be so nice to just open the door from my phone before I get out of the car. Or of course when friends come over and I don’t want to get up from my xBox game. The device is called Lockitron and costs at least $295. There are different styles of locks so check out their website to see if it will work for you: lockitron.com [Read more…]

iGotYa – Take & Email Picture When Wrong Passcode Entered

If you’d like to add a little more security to your iPhone or iPod touch check out iGotYa. If you type in the wrong code for your passcode lock, it takes a picture with the front facing camera and emails you the picture along with the current location. It costs $6 but there is a 10 day trial. I testing it out by setting up a passcode lock and giving it to my son. It worked withing about 30 seconds. This would be a nice addition to the “find my iPhone” feature but since I’m still on firmware 4.1 it will be a great alternative.
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Friday Night Movie Night: Removing iPhone 3GS Passcode and Encryption

YouTubeI’m not putting this video out there for you to learn how to hack into iPhones. I’m doing it so you can see how weak Apple’s security on the iPhone is. Hopefully you will be a little more careful about what you put on your device :)