Commercial – Shazam

Shazam 1.0

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

shazamShazam is an application that identifies a song just by holding your iPhone in range of the song that is playing. That means when you are in the car, watching a movie, grocery shopping, sitting at the pool, hanging out at Starbucks or where ever you are…if you hear a song that you like but do not know the title of the song or the artist, all you need to do is open Shazam and voilĂ ….it will figure it out for you! I must say, Shazam is quickly becoming one of my favorite App Store applications!

When you open Shazam, you will get an intro screen giving you information about the application. To identify a song while it is playing, select the Tag Now option in the upper right corner. This will bring you to a screen that will “listen” to the song. When it is finished “listening” which takes around 15 seconds, it will automatically bring up the information for that song (be patient, you may have to wait a second for it to give you the info). If Shazam was not able to identify the song, [Read more…]