Skype Updated to 2.1, Runs in Background

SkypeIt’s taken a little over 4 years and 4 iPhone but it is finally here! Skype on your iPhone just like a phone call. You can sign in and then close the app and when a call comes in, it rings! You can also close the app while you’re on a call and stay connected! These are features we’ve all been waiting for! Now I know Skype has been out for the iPhone before, but this is the way it always should have worked.

Now I don’t use Skype that much so this is kinda kewl. I only really use it to talk to a friend in Brazil every couple months. I sure some of you use it on a daily basis. So, let’s find out! [Read more…]

Skype 2.0 Can Now Make Calls on 3G & EDGE

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

SkypePreviously, Skype for the iPhone would only let you make calls from the iPhone if it was connected to Wifi. Now you can make them even when on the 3G cellular network. It doesn’t say anything about EDGE so I’m guessing it won’t work there. I even got it to work on EDGE. Check the video below. There are also some other improvements with the recent update including enhanced call quality indicator and improved start-up time. See below for a complete list.

Of course there is a catch to all of this. AT&T is only promising this to be a free service until the end of August 2010, then they may charge a small monthly fee. [Read more…]

fring Announces Video Calling

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

fring, an application that lets users communicate and share web-based experiences from their mobile devices, has announced video calling.

“Right now iPhone and iPod touch users can receive and make fring and Skype video calls entirely over Internet connection (for free!) and see the person on the other end. When a front camera is placed on these, we’ll have two-way video calls available here too just as we do on all the supported Nokia devices.”
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AT&T To Allow VoIP Apps (Skype) on Network (Including iPhone)

AT&TPreviously, AT&T and Apple had an agreement that AT&T would not allow apps like Skype to run on AT&T’s network. They could only run on Wifi, probably to lessen the load on the system. Today, AT&T sent a letter to the FCC stating they “informed Apple that, effective immediately, AT&T consents to Apple enabling third-party VoIP applications for the iPhone that use our wireless network, including our 2G and 3G capabilities.” Now you can use Skype any time without using your minutes. It most likely will not work immediately but require an update to the apps or iPhone firmware via iTunes.

Vonage just announced their app for the iPhone yesterday that allows discounted international calls. AT&T’s recent announcement doesn’t seem to have effected the status of the Google Voice application. [Read more…]

Skype Application Updated – New Features

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

Skype Tonight, Skype was update to version 1.2. The new version adds quite a few new features (see change log below). When you update the app, it adds has a nice little pop-up when you open the application that says, “This version of Skype is only supported on unmodified iPhone OS 2.2 and 3.0.” The application will still work on a modified OS however, they will not support it if you are having issues. So, if you have a jailbroke iPhone or iPod touch, you can update and the app will still work but don’t run to them for tech support… they might turn you down. [Read more…]

fring for iPod Touch (version 0.9786)

fring Many of you are familiar with fring and as you know frig was developed for the iPhone however, they have had a ton of requests to make it more compatible with the iPod Touch. Well, you asked and they delivered. Today, version 0.9786 of fring was released making it compatible with the iPod Touch. Here is what the developer has to say:

Just like the original version created for the iPhone, this is the same special pre-release R&D version with some chat bugs fixed so now you can mobile internet chat & interact in fring-style on your iPod touch (I know I am stating the obvious… but as there is no Microphone the iPod touch…. it means no fring calls as well).

Doug and I also found that this version works a lot smoother for us. He was able to call Skype on my computer, I was able to call his iPhone from Skype on my computer and we were able to call from iPhone to iPhone using fring. Very, very cool! fring is vailable through the fring source.

Below is a video of the developer using fring on an iPod Touch.

Watch “fring for iPod Touch” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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