Sneezies – Bubble Popping Fun

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SneeziesAs a high school teacher, I often have to write college recommendations for my students. One of the most often used questions on these forms is: “What three words would you use to describe this student?” This is the same question I asked myself prior to writing about the iPhone app game “Sneezies”. My response would have been “simple”, “cute”, and “colorful”.

The game is best described in the four-step flowchart shown in the screen shot below. You touch the screen to drop some mysterious “sneezing powder”. You make the little bubble guy sneeze and he gets freed from his bubble, and helps you get closer to the target number that you have to free. There are two modes, classic and challenge. In the classic mode, you progress to higher levels by meeting a target number of bubble people freed. The challenge mode is similar, but you usually have higher target numbers, bonus points are available, and you often get multiple doses of the sneezing powder. [Read more…]