Apple Removes Flash Content From iPad Ads

AppleI noticed that when Steve Jobs was doing his demo of the new iPad, he quickly skipped over areas of webpages that had flash on them. There was, just like the iPhone, a little blue cube where the flash belongs. This has disappointed everyone that the new device won’t support flash. Most likely, Apple doesn’t allows flash on it’s iPhone, iPod touch and new iPad because it doesn’t want users bypassing the paid for App Store for free flash game sites.

Anyway, Apple was displaying their iPad on their website with the flash working. Not sure how they missed this one but they have now updated the images. This would mean they do not intend to have flash working on the device any time soon.

before after


iPad Pricing and Availability

AppleThe new iPad from Apple was released yesterday. It will come is a few different configurations. You can get it with 16GB, 32GB or 64GB of storage. You can also get it with or without the 3G connection for an extra $130. The non 3G version will be available within 60 days and for added 3G it will be 90 days. Below is the pricing structure:

$499 – 16GB wifi
$629 – 16GB wifi + 3G
$599 – 32GB wifi
$729 – 32GB wifi + 3G
$699 – 64GB wifi
$829 – 64GB wifi + 3G


The 3G service will be available in the US through AT&T for $14.99 for 250MB per month or $29.99 for unlimited per month. There is no contract and no cancellation fee. The iPad will be unlocked so you can use it with any carrier that supports micro SIM cards. It’s also a data only connection. There are possibilities of VOIP calls but no phone app comes with it.

Poll: Will You Buy The New iPad?

AppleWith today’s announcement of the new iPad, we’re wondering how many will buy the new iPad from Apple? Let us know in the comments why or why not and what model you’re planning on getting. I am planning on getting one. Depending on exactly how the 3G data service works, I will get the 64GB with 3G but not activate it for now. Gonna have to save up first…

Will you buy the new iPad (tablet) from Apple?

  • Yes (36%, 1,093 Votes)
  • No (64%, 1,929 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,019

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iPad (Tablet) Keynote Video Now Available on

AppleToday’s Keynote is now available on Apple’s website. Total run time is about an hour and a half.

Screen shot 2010-01-27 at 7.32.24 PM

Apple Tablet Live Blog

Apple iPhone SchoolToday I will be live blogging during the Apple event. I’m going to do it a little different from the past. I’m not going to attempt to write every little thing that happens on this one post. I will be taking notes from the event and then, later, writing full articles about each point. What we’ll be doing during the events is tweeting and live streaming both major iPhone and Tablet announcements and sharing our comments. There will be a live video feed from me and an area where you can either live chat (type), comment in the post, or reply via twitter.

We will also be tweeting as much info as possible from our @iphoneschool twitter account for those of you on mobile devices.

Link to Live Stream of Event:

Video Stream of Live Blog

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Name: iPad
Price: $499 for 16GB, $599 for 32 GB, $699 for 64GB. Add $130 to each model for 3G chip.
3G: available from AT&T, 250MB a month for $14.99 or Unlimted for $29.99 a month. No contract, includes AT&T wifi hotspots, unlocked, no voice.
On Screen Keyboard
1GHz Processor
10 hour battery life, 1 month standby
Runs all App Store Apps, some in full screen with more features. SDK out now.
Main apps rewritten for iPad: Mail, Photos, Browser, Contacts, Calendar, Maps, YouTube, iTunes
New Apps: iBook Store, iWorks ($9.99 per app)
Physical Specs: 1/2 inch thick, 9.7 inch screen, 1.5 lbs, 9.56 high x 7.47 inches wide.
Connectivity: 3G, Wifi 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR technology
Other hardware: A-GPS, Digital Compass, microphone, speaker, volume rocker, mute switch, headphone jack, 30pin connector, accelerometer, ambient light sensor, home button.


Today’s Apple Event

AppleToday is Apple’s big event where the tablet will most likely be released. The event starts at the following times:

08:00AM – Hawaii
10:00AM – Pacific
11:00AM – Mountain
12:00PM – Central
01:00PM – Eastern
06:00PM – London

We will be blogging about the new device and and any updates to the iPhone.


McGraw-Hill’s CEO Confirms Apple Tablet Runs iPhone Like OS

AppleThe CEO of the book publishing company, McGraw-Hill, shared in an interview on CNBC that the upcoming tablet from Apple will run an operating system that is based on the iPhone. He explains it’s so it’s “transferable” and references the 95% of the company’s books that are already in e-book format.


iPhone 4.0 Firmware Rumors

Firmware There are a lot of rumors flying with almost a week until the upcoming Apple event where the tablet is supposed to make it’s appearance. Many think that the iPhone firmware and the tablet firmware are very similar and to keep things secret about the tablet, Apple hasn’t updated the iPhone firmware lately. Some say features of the new tablet will trickle back to the iPhone. Here are some of the rumors of the new iPhone 4.0 firmware via Boy:

There will be multi-touch gestures OS-wide. (Would make sense for that as the rumored OS for the iTablet is close if not the same as the iPhone)

“A few new ways” to run applications in the background — multitasking.

Many graphical and UI changes to make navigating through the OS easier and more efficient. We haven’t had this broken down, but we can only hope for improved notifications, a refreshed homescreen, etc.
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Apple Tablet Coverage

AppleIn my previous article I talk about the new tablet from Apple and the possibility of it running App Store apps. Hypothetically speaking, if they do release a tablet and it does run apps from the App Store (regardless of what OS or variation of OS it’s running) would you want us to write reviews and cover news stories about it? Right now I am considering it but I want to know what the readers think. Let me know by voting below. Also let me know in the comments what you think.

Would you like us to cover the upcoming Apple Tablet?

  • Yes. (79%, 833 Votes)
  • No. (8%, 83 Votes)
  • Don't care. (13%, 141 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,056

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Why Apple’s Tablet Will Run iPhone OS

AppleMoney. That’s why the new tablet from Apple will run the same operating system as the iPhone and iPod touch. Apple has a lot of options to make money through iTunes with the upcoming tablet. If they just put OS X on the device, they just sell another tablet that not many would want. I would, but it wouldn’t be enough people to make a good profit. You can already work at home with an iMac, Mac Pro, or Mac Mini. You can work away from home with a MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. Both of these types of systems, desktops and laptops have keyboard, this way you can work and play. If you want to have a constant connection to the web, you can get an iPhone and if you’re not interested in the $60 a month or more, you can get an iPod touch. So, why a tablet and why iPhone OS?

The tablet does not need to replace any of the above. It’s a whole new device. Whatever connection is has, wifi or cellular, whatever ports, USB or video, here’s some ideas I have or have heard of for the new tablet.

Newspaper & Magazine

More and more newspaper and magazine companies are closing down or switching to all digital content these days. This will help to revive this market. Think of things like the New York Times, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, etc.

500x_apple-tablet-natgeo [Read more…]

Friday Night Movie Night: Apple Tablet Previews

AppleSorry we missed this last week, I was in Maryland for a conference. It was worth the wait though. There are some sweet new videos of the upcoming tablet from Apple. Of course they could be fake but they look pretty legit to me. Here’s what I’ve found: