New Books Link

books Because we are we want to provide our readers with the opportunity to find resources (books…you know, like school) that would help them learn more about their iPhone. Well, we finally got it up and running!! We have added a Books link to the top of the website. Here, you can peruse books that are all about the iPhone. We only have a few books on there right now but, we will be adding more as we go. One book that I would like to point out is Erica Sadun’s book – Taking Your iPhone to the Max. We love Erica Sadun, her apps and what she does for the iPhone community so, we were excited when we heard her book had been released. You can get it on Amazon for around $16.50. Let us know if you have read any books about the iPhone that you really liked or maybe didn’t like as much. I have browsed through a few iPhone books but, I have yet to sit down and read one. I am interested to know if you guys have and which ones!

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