Siri vs. Cortana – Happy Anniversary (Commercial)

I’ve recently been seeing this commercial from Microsoft about their Siri competitor, Cortana. Although I’m pretty sure I’ll never buy a phone from Microsoft (And I know no one that has one), this feature is really nice. Now I’m not sure how it works in real world scenarios but this seems impressive. Like Google Now, it adapts to your schedule, location, traffic and other information to make your life easier. Apple is behind on this one. There are location based tasks and Siri is really good at what it does but it doesn’t really seem to be getting much better lately. It needs to take a real leap to get ahead. What do you think? Also, according to the comments, the real Cortana voice doesn’t sound like that. [Read more…]

iPad mini Commercial: Piano

Apple published it’s new iPad mini commercial on YouTube recently. It’s titled “Piano” and starts off with a normal iPad and zooms over to an iPad mini while they play two piano apps together. Check it out! [Read more…]

iPad 2 Commercial – Learn

Apple’s recent iPad 2 commercial displays many great uses for the iPad other than games and web browsing. The iPad can be a great learning tool for both kids and adults. With my oldest son just beginning homeschooling, we plan to use the iPad along with other teaching tools. There are many apps other than the ones shown in this commercial that can be used for learning. Do you have a favorite that’s not listed here? Please share in the comments! [Read more…]

iPad Commercial – iPad is Amazing [Video]

Apple has released a new iPad Commercial. The Ad highlights a few characters of the iPad and some of the features included in the iOS 4.2.1 update including; creating, printing, vital, ideas, multi-tasking, facts, figures and amazing. Watch the commercial below.
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iPhone 4 Commercial – Longer [Video]

Apple has released a new ad for the iPhone 4. The commercial “Longer” boasts the iPhone 4’s lithium polymer battery which allows you to, “work longer, play longer, laugh longer, listen longer, shoot, edit, share, update, download, read, write and even FaceTime longer.”

Check out the video below.
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iTunes Gets the Beatles [Videos]

So, Apple’s big iTunes announcement that we mentioned yesterday was that the Beatles will finally be available on iTunes. If you know anything about the Beatles and their history with Apple… you will understand what a big deal this is. With the news of the Beatles in iTunes, Apple also launched an ad campaign to promote the event. Below are five ads featuring the songs; “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” “All You Need Is Love,” “Let It Be,” “Yesterday” and “Here Comes the Sun.” Check out the videos below.
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iPad Commercial – iPad is Electric

Apple Apple recently released a new iPad commercial titled – iPad is Electric. Similar to previous iPad ads, iPad is Electric displays single-word descriptions of the device including; cinematic, elementary, academic, full-size, presenting, bought, sold, fantasy, and electric. Check it out below.
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iPad Commercial – iPad is Musical

Apple Apple has released a new iPad ad. The commercial is titled ‘iPad is Musical’. It highlights nine aspects of the iPad giving each a title; medical, live, musical, work, play, memories, social, magazines, and historic. Check it out below.
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iPhone 4 Commercials – Meet Her, Haircut, Smile and Big News

Apple Today, Apple released four new iPhone 4 ads; Meet Her, Haircut, Smile and Big News. All four commercials demonstrate the FaceTime feature of the iPhone 4. Personally, I’m not a huge fan… check them out and let us know what you think.

New iPad Commercial: What is iPad?

AppleApple has posted a new iPad commercial to it’s YouTube account. The video helps answer the question most people ask about the iPad, why do you need one? What’s interesting is the comparison of this commercial to a commercial from Apple back in the 90’s for the Newton. Check out both commercials below.


iPhone Commercial – Family Man

##ICON_NAME## Apple has released a new iPhone commercial – Family Man. The commercial highlights the ability for the iPhone 3GS to capture and playback video as well as a few applications from the App Store (see list below).

I don’t know about you but, this commercial is soooo true for us! The grandparents really do like to see the videos, I totally use my iPhone all the time for cooking, our kids love to play games and watch videos and Doug uses his for everything (I’ve seen that guy do some pretty crazy things from his iPhone)… I’m pretty sure it never leaves his hands.
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iPhone Commercial – Backpacker

##ICON_NAME## Another new iPhone 3GS commerical – Backpacker – was released by Apple. This commerical highlights Hostelworld (Free) and Jibbigo Speech Translator
($24.99)… as well as a few stock application. [Read more…]

iPhone Commercial – Dog Lover

##ICON_NAME## Below is the new iPhone 3GS commercial – Dog Lover. The commercial higlights a few apps including:

Petfinder (free)
Facebook (free)
Hey Walkies (free)
iCam ($1.99)

Doug just downloaded iCam today and it’s pretty cool… I’m totally using it to watch my three year old while he is taking his nap (or at least he is supposed to be!).
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iPhone Commercial – Shopper

##ICON_NAME## This iPhone Commercial – Shopper – shows the use of a few stock applications; Safari, MMS (picture messaging) and Maps. However, it also features one of my favorite applications… RedLaser (try it once and you will be hooked!).

“I know an espresso maker isn’t the most romantic gift but my wife really wanted one. So I did a little research. Asked her sister which color she’d like, and then I did a quick check to see if it was cheaper anywhere else. Turned out the best price was around the corner. I’m a much smarter and faster shopper with my iPhone”

iPhone Commercial – Concert

##ICON_NAME## This commercial features two applications Shazam and Local Concerts. Both are free apps in the App Store. Personally, I LOVE Shazam!

“I was out the other night and this great song came on. So I used my iPhone to figure out who the band was. Downloaded their album, right there. And the best part was, my iPhone even told me when they were coming to town. So, all I had to do was buy the tickets. I still don’t know how my iPhone does all that.”