Siri vs. Cortana – Happy Anniversary (Commercial)

I’ve recently been seeing this commercial from Microsoft about their Siri competitor, Cortana. Although I’m pretty sure I’ll never buy a phone from Microsoft (And I know no one that has one), this feature is really nice. Now I’m not sure how it works in real world scenarios but this seems impressive. Like Google Now, it adapts to your schedule, location, traffic and other information to make your life easier. Apple is behind on this one. There are location based tasks and Siri is really good at what it does but it doesn’t really seem to be getting much better lately. It needs to take a real leap to get ahead. What do you think? Also, according to the comments, the real Cortana voice doesn’t sound like that.

What do you think of Siri?

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This commercial, not so impressive:

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  1. Siri may be the butt of jokes right now, but I’d wager in 10 years … heck even 5 years, her abilities will be scary good!

    • That will be nice. As for now, when an alert pops up on on top of Waze and I say things like ‘Hey Siri, reply to that’ or Hey Siri reply to [Name on the Alert] and she says something like, ‘there are no new messages.’ I, after a few tries, just decide to not throw her, with my otherwise very helpful iPhone out the window, and choose instead, to not use her very much and avoid the BP spikes.

  2. Looks like Cortana is trumping Siri in a major major way. :)

    While we’re Unix and Apple fans over here,

    GO CORTANA! Haha! :D

    The iPhone vs. HTC commercial is hilarious, though we’ll agree that it didn’t exactly play nice. xD

  3. ehhhhh …. I liked it. Nice to see Microsoft trying to cheeky! :P

  4. Siri all the way

  5. Microsoft is trying to beat Siri with Cortana, but I think they are far away from Apple’s Digital Assistant

  6. Siri is far more powerful then Cortana after many years of evolution.

  7. Siri is ay ahead of the competiton ;)

  8. It is really sad to see a comparison like this. Siri is way better than Cortana. Microsoft had worked very hard to produce something good service but failed miserably at competing with Siri and Apple.


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    Siri vs. Cortana – Happy Anniversary (Commercial) | Apple iPhone School