IN1 Case for iPhone – The Swiss Army Knife of iPhone Cases

MacWorld is going on right now and there are lots of crazy new tech being introduced. We’re going to share some of the apps, cases and other accessories that are being displayed. First, we’re going to take a look at a case that is not just a case. It not only protects your iPhone but it has the option to hold the following tools: blue pen, red pen, phillips screwdriver, flat-head screwdriver, nail file, tweezers, scissors & a toothpick. The case is made from polycarbonate, has scratch protection inside felt and a kickstand to prop up the iPhone for watching movies. The cost is $44.95. [Read more…]

Should I Get My Kid an iPad?

There is a lot to this question including age, demeanor, maturity, parenting & discipline. In this video, I try to look at all angles and options and help you think through the process and decision of getting your child an iPad, iPod touch or iPad mini. [Read more…]

What Case Should I Get for My iPhone?

In this video I give recommendations on brands of cases and how to look for the best case that works for you. I also tell where some of my favorite places to shop are when looking for iPhone and iPad cases. [Read more…]

14 Different iPad Cases for Only $3.75 Each From AT&T

This is a killer deal. The only reason I can think as to why they are doing this is that they don’t sell 1st Gen iPads anymore so they just need to get rid of these cases. There are 14 different choices including the OtterBox Defender case for only $3.75 each with Free Priority Shipping (2-day). To get the awesome deal you must click the link provide on this Deals Plus page to get the additional 25%. Each case is $5.00 but with the discount they are $3.75. You can either fill up your cart first, or click the discount first. Just don’t forget! [Read more…]

LifeProof iPhone 4 Case – Water, Sand & Drop Proof

This case looks pretty impressive and surprisingly thin. I saw the case on commandN – Episode #237. They have some pretty convincing videos on the manufacturer’s website of how the case works and I’ve posted them below. They are drop proof to military specs of 2 meters or 6.6 feet, waterproof to 2 meters and snow & sand proof. We’ll try to get one for review once they are out. Right now they are on pre-order only for $69.95. They also make a case for the iPhone 3G/3GS and the iPad. This would make a great case if you have kids! [Read more…]

iCarbons – Carbon Fiber Skins

iCarbon skins are one of the best carbon fiber effect skins for iDevices around today! The skins come in white or black, with a carbon fiber look and feel. The skins are available for a variety of Apple devices and other devices too.

I was lucky enough to receive an iPad skin and a iPod Touch skin from iCarbons to review and I’ve got to say, I am very impressed! The skins are extremely easy to install and look amazing. They add minimal bulk to your device and are also scratch proof!

To install the skins all you need to do is peel the skin off of the backing sheet, align it with your device and then stick and push any bubbles out. I did have a little mishap when applying to my iPod Touch in which a corner wouldn’t stick down, but using a hair dryer on a low heat setting, I was able to heat the skin slightly and it then stick down with no problems.
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The Wallee – Hang Your iPad on the Wall

iPadIf you’re looking for a professional, solid way to hang your iPad on the wall, Wallee is a great solution. The list could go on and on for reasons you’d hang your iPad on the wall but this accessory is definitely going to get the job done. It comes with a hard, durable case that locks into a wall mounted “X” that could be installed almost anywhere. The case comes in 5 different colors and the wall mount in 2. You can also buy extra wall mounts for different mounting locations. Wallee’s price is comparable to many iPad cases, $49 for a kit and $10 for additional wall mounts. [Read more…]

iSkin Duo Case for iPad – Review

iSkinThis is the first case I’ve used on my iPad besides the Apple case. If I could rate the case based on looks it would be a winner, but the type of material used (silicone with Microban® antimicrobial technology) to manufacture it makes it a fail in my book. The material is just too smooth and slippery. Setting it on almost any surface that is at an angle, even my jeans, causes it to slide down. Something more rubbery and grippy would make it a perfect case. It’s easy to get on and off but the material is so flimsy it just feels cheap. I’ve been pretty impressed with most iSkin products, like my iPhone 4 case (iSkin solo), but I can’t say that about this case.
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CES: Live TV Coming to iPhone & iPod touch

CES 2010There should be a lot of great new accessories this week coming from the Consumer Electronics Show so we’re going to try to cover anything worthy of writing about that relates to the iPhone or iPod touch. There’s a big announcement from FLO TV already which brings live TV to the iPhone and iPod Touch. FLO TV runs off of it’s own signal (not HDTV or iPhone carriers) which means an external antenna must be used. And, of course, watching TV on your iPhone would use lots of battery. To solve this FLO TV partnered with Mophie to create a battery back with the antenna installed inside the battery. The downfall to all of this is that FLO TV is a subscription service. There’s rumors of very low pricing options but so far I’ve heard no official monthly fee for iPhone owners. For me, I just use to see shows on demand shortly after they air. Now only if that worked on the iPhone… [Read more…]

mophie Juice Pack Air on Sale at

AppleApple has a lot on sale today but one product that’s one of the better deals for the iPhone is the mophie Juice Pack Air for the iPhone 3G and 3GS. We recently received one for testing and will be doing a review in the future. If you’re interested a case with battery power, I do recommend this one. It’s much sleeker than the previous version and at you can get it in an exclusive color, Red, for $58. Regular price is $79.95 so you save $21.95.

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Seat Buddy – Hang Your iPhone Anywhere [Case]

Seat BuddyCNET and Gizmodo have recently wrote about a new accessory that allows you to hang your iPhone from all sorts of places called Seat Buddy. It’s made of a rubber silicone so its easy to get the iPhone in or out. You just take the two straps and close them in to a glove box, tray table on the airplane, or use the included velcro strips to attach it to something like a treadmill. Here’s some videos from their website:


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Griffin Clarifi Case & Macro Lens Review

StackI could go on and on about this case but I’m just gonna keep it short and then show you some amazing pictures. This case is basically all about the lens. Griffin has made a slide over macro lens for the camera built into the case called Clarifi. For those who don’t know, macro means really close up. You’ll see in the pictures. Here’s what the slide over lens looks like:


The case is pretty simple and just slides onto the iPhone in two pieces. It gives you access to all your switches and buttons but if you need to clean your camera lens, you’ll have to take the case off. The top third and bottom third are covered with a grippy//rubber material. The center is a smooth plastic. I think the whole thing should be covered in the rubber material. The smooth plastic is already getting scratched. The strength of the case seems very durable and will protect your iPhone. There is also a stick on screen protector that comes in the box along with a cleaning cloth.

Of course, the other amazing thing is, the case works with the new iPhone 3GS which already has macro and autofocus. Speaking of autofocus, without it on the 3G, you have to kinda move your iPhone closer and further away until you get what you’re shooting into focus. Either iPhone you have, this case is AWESOME and sells for $30.99. And now for the proof. First with the iPhone 3G. [Read more…]

Strength Otterbox (Pink) Case Giveaway

iPhoneSince today is Valentine’s Day we’ve got something pink to give away! We have an Otterbox Defender Series Strength edition case. This case is pink, but not for Valentines. It’s to help bring awareness to fighting breast cancer. 10% of the purchase price of these cases is donated to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade to support access to care and finding a cure for breast cancer, with a focus on the medically underserved. The case we are giving away will only fit the 1st Gen iPhone. [Read more…]

New Power Slider Battery From Incase

powerSomeone recently sent us a link to this sweet new alternative to external batteries for the iPhone. Here is a link to some previous articles and reviews we’ve done on external batteries. This case is pretty sweet ’cause it lets you charge and sync the iPhone, not just charge. We’ll do what we can to get a hold of one from Incase.

Otterbox for iPhone Armor Series Case Review

If you’re looking for extreme protection for your iPhone then look to the Otterbox for iPhone Armor Series. This case is truly water proof up to a depth of 3 feet. Not only is it waterproof but it’s dustproof, dirtproof, sandproof and dropproof. Here I’m testing the black version but there is also a yellow and black version similar to the Otterbox Defender Series. If you’re going for looks, this case isn’t for you. It is bulky, but for the type of environment this would be used in, looks probably don’t matter much. The following video includes an underwater test.

Watch “Otterbox for iPhone Armor Series Case Review” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.