iCorkz Protection for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch Headphone Jack & 30-Pin Connector

This is one of the best inventions for the iPhone. They are little accessories that plug into your headphone jack and dock to protect them from water & dust. They also work in the iPad and iPod touch. Check out my video and pictures below. They are just $9.95 for the set plus shipping and can be purchased at icorkz.com. I recommend them and will be putting them the rest of my devices. [Read more…]

iSkin Duo Case for iPad – Review

iSkinThis is the first case I’ve used on my iPad besides the Apple case. If I could rate the case based on looks it would be a winner, but the type of material used (silicone with Microban® antimicrobial technology) to manufacture it makes it a fail in my book. The material is just too smooth and slippery. Setting it on almost any surface that is at an angle, even my jeans, causes it to slide down. Something more rubbery and grippy would make it a perfect case. It’s easy to get on and off but the material is so flimsy it just feels cheap. I’ve been pretty impressed with most iSkin products, like my iPhone 4 case (iSkin solo), but I can’t say that about this case.
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iPhone 101 Returns as i101

Apple iPhone SchoolSome of you may remember that we used to do a video podcast back in the day. Well we’ve decided to bring it back but renamed it i101! We’re planning on making it shorter and doing it more often. Here’s the latest episodes:

Episode 13

Episode 14