CMRA – Camera for Apple Watch

The Apple Watch doesn’t come with a built in camera (yet) but you can add one with this sweet watch band that includes not one, but two cameras! There is a selfie camera (2MP) and a outward facing camera (8MP). The band has to be charged on it’s own and it connects to your Apple Watch using Bluetooth. It can record about 30 minutes of video or about 100 photos. Not bad for a watch accessory. [Read more…]

Alesis iO Dock – iPad Dock With XLRs, Phantom Power, MIDI & More

This is the ultimate dock for musicians and audiophiles. The Alesis iO Dock has loads of features and connectors. It would go great with Garageband or DJ apps. The dock has pro audio connections like XLR & 1/4″ TRS. So far it’s not quite available yet but should be released very soon. B& has it listed for $199 and approximate arrival in June 2011. Here is a list of features: [Read more…]

iCorkz Protection for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch Headphone Jack & 30-Pin Connector

This is one of the best inventions for the iPhone. They are little accessories that plug into your headphone jack and dock to protect them from water & dust. They also work in the iPad and iPod touch. Check out my video and pictures below. They are just $9.95 for the set plus shipping and can be purchased at I recommend them and will be putting them the rest of my devices. [Read more…]

iCade – iPad Arcade Cabinet

pacmanThanks to @BarryHayes for sending this in. This is the ultimate iPad accessory! It turns your iPad into a mini arcade. It’s fully functional and even includes speakers, a sub woofer and power adapter. The apps are free in the app store and only work with this accessory. Some of the games listed are Donkey Kong, Dig Dug, Qbert, & Super Steve Brothers. The cost is $149.99 and is availabe from

Motorcycle iPhone Installation

MotorcycleSo, what could be better than an iPhone? An iPhone attached to a Ducati… This article shows you how to mount your iPhone to your motorcycle using the biologic™ BIKE Mount for iPhone and other parts for a total of $106.

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Product Link (biologic™ BIKE Mount for iPhone) $59.99


Product Video

OLO Computer – iPhone Docks as Trackpad Mouse

Tomorrow Apple is set to announce a new product. Most believe it will be updates for the MacBook and MacBook Pro and may include a trimmed down MacBook or NetBook that is around $800. This would be a light weight laptop built for mostly web or light weight apps. As great as all this sounds there may be something else, not coming from Apple, that integrates with your iPhone. It’s called the OLO computer. The feature that sets it apart from anything Apple has is the iPhone dock positioned right where the trackpad goes. I’ve thought about this and there are pros and cons to the whole idea. Now all we have is a picture and no specs so everything will be pure speculation.

Pros include the OS of the laptop which is OS X. Not sure how Apple is going to like that but I do. Other obvious features would be the iPhone charges while in the dock, you’ll have access to all your music, contacts, etc. and the iPhone would be your mouse so you would most likely have multitouch options. [Read more…]

JustMobile Xtand

JustMobile has just released a stand for both the 1st Gen iPhone and the iPhone 3G. It’s made out of aluminum and has rubber feet so it won’t slide around. Being made out aluminum makes it a little light for my liking although it’s not really sliding around too much on me like I thought it would. It comes with rubber mounts for all four corners of the iPhone and are interchangeable for both 1st Gen and iPhone 3G. There is a hole in the back of the stand for your USB cord but only the USB to computer part fits through it. The end that connects to the iPhone doesn’t fit so if you’re cord is plugged into the computer you have to unplug it to get the stand detached. It also rotates for horizontal viewing and you can adjust the height slightly. The stand costs about $40 and is distributed in the US by nuCourse Distribution. Visit the Xtand website at [Read more…]

New iTrip AutoPilot by Griffin

Griffin Griffin has just released a preview of a new iTrip device for the iPhone that allows you to play, control and charge your iPhone/iPod Touch. According to Griffin’s website the device is not officially available yet but, I’m sure we will see it very soon. I have used a similar product in which you plug the device into your iPhone, tune it to a frequency, match that frequency on your car stereo and your music will play through your car speakers. However, the iTrip AutoPilot by Griffin seemed to by much more my style! Not only does it [Read more…]

DLO SlimCase for the iPhone Review

This leather case has a soft suede interior to keep your iPhone safe. Comes with a high quality leather strap and a DLO Surface Shield scree protector. All button & ports are accessible but trying to hit the lock button is a bit annoying. It allows for easy connection with most dock cables but it will not stand up in an iPhone dock. The DLO SlimCase for the iPhone retails for about $40 on DLO’s website. Check out the video review below:

Watch “DLO SlimCase Review” from your iPhone or iPod Touch

Agent 18 EcoShield Accessory Review

This case is very simple and very easy to install. You just slide on the bottom, then slide on the top, simple as that. It has a clean design and is not too bulky like most cases. The only negative I have is it’s still slippery. The hard plastic case needs some rubber grips. This is the main reason I use a case is the metal case of the iPhone is slick. Check out the video below for a full review.

* Simple two-piece slide on/off design
* Form-fitting and sleek, available in black only (natural color is no longer in stock)
* Full-access to bottom connectors, mic and touch screen
* Docks with universal dock
* Eco-friendly material with minimum carbon impact
* Packaging made from recyclable materials

[Read more…]