New iTrip AutoPilot by Griffin

Griffin Griffin has just released a preview of a new iTrip device for the iPhone that allows you to play, control and charge your iPhone/iPod Touch. According to Griffin’s website the device is not officially available yet but, I’m sure we will see it very soon. I have used a similar product in which you plug the device into your iPhone, tune it to a frequency, match that frequency on your car stereo and your music will play through your car speakers. However, the iTrip AutoPilot by Griffin seemed to by much more my style! Not only does it scan for you to find the best frequency, it will save the top three frequencies. It also comes with a little controller that allows you to control your music without using your iPhone which makes controlling your music while driving much easier. I personally can’t wait for this one! Below is a full list of the features.

    • AutoPilot controls iPod playback from your dash or console’s cigarette lighter with the touch of a finger.
    • Industry-leading SmartScan does all the work — scans the radio dial for the three best frequencies then saves them automatically to 3 programmable presets for easy recall at the touch of a button.
    • New SmartSound™ Plus technology delivers clear sound under real-world conditions.
    • New high-contrast display is easy to read.
    • Three-stage light ring changes color to indicate the charging status of your iPod battery.
    • RDS technology shows song information on your RDS-enabled car radio display.

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  1. I don’t think using these kinds of devices will be all that great. It uses the FM frequency and transfers the music…however, when you drive, your iPhone keeps checking with the Cell towers, which causes LOUD feedback through these FM frequencies….Causing the music to stop and the buzzing…that everyone has heard before…I’m sure.

    Just my opinion…I tried a similar device that is just the FM transmitter…and I get this loud buzzing when it tries to re-sync with the Cell towers.

    No matter what you do…unless you are pulling directly from teh earphone jack and directly into an AUX input…you get this noise.

  2. Hi there, griffins new itrip look good might buy one later I wanted to show you guys this though its pretty cool you can wirelessly charge your iphone ipod touch cell phone etc. The company that makes this is WildCharge.

    Here’s a video link

  3. atrophic says

    I’m skeptical of the iTrip line after I bought one and had to put it in the sunglasses holder on the ceiling of my car for it to work. Terrible terrible device. I went through 4 with sub par sound and too much interference before finding a Kensington model that charged and transmitted simultaneously.

    The model I have is old enough to be “not designed to work with the iPhone” according to my phone, but it works just fine. The newer models look even sweeter as they’ll scan for the best available station to broadcast on instead of making you do it yourself.

    The transmitter I have is powerful enough to override a weak (but static-free) local FM radio station, even from a car length away. I *highly* recommend the car lighter powered Kensington models.

    And no, I don’t work for them or get any benefit by recommending them.

  4. I original got this for the pre-scan function. But living in Phoenix, Arizona the scanning function is crap and pointless. Just tried this hack and the logo moved up to enable the lower stations. Switched my car stereo to 87.9 and then the iTrip AutoPilot and for the first time in this device’s life…. it presented me with music without any static. Tomorrow’s drive to work will be the final test as I drive along a road with big power poles and wires everywhere over heard from a nearby power station. I’ve noticed the closer I get to the power station the more static I pick up. Maybe I should take my EMF detector sometime to get some readings. Thanks for this hack.. it works!