Apps for Election Day 2012

I know many readers are from all over the world, but since this website is based in the United States, I’d like to share some apps for election day. First, both Barack Obama & Mitt Romney have apps. [Read more…]

Temporary Fix For Gowalla & Jailbroken iPhones

When the jailbreak came out for the iPhone 4 I was very excited. I was even more excited when a lot of my favorite jailbreak apps became available. Then I noticed Gowalla, an App Store app for check in to locations, had stopped working. When you opened the app it would just crash right away. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it just kept doing it. Eventually I found out it was a problem with having my iPhone jailbroken and specifically having Winterboard installed. Here’s a recent @reply from @gowalla:

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YouTube Mobile Redesign

YouTube has updated their mobile webpage for the iPhone & iPod touch. The new layout is much cleaner and issuing HTML 5 technology. Updates include speed, larger buttons, search suggestions, ability to create playlists, ability to favorite & like. Here’s a video demo and some screenshots. [Read more…]

WPtouch 2.0 Update Preview = Updated AIS Web App

If you didn’t know, when you visit our website from an iPhone or an iPod touch, the site changes it’s design automatically to fit better and speed things up. You can always switch it back to the full view but many like this more simple view to help make things faster. Here’s what it looks like right now:

Apple iPhone School Web App
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Guide: Creating a Web App From Scratch

If you’ve been looking for a complete guide to creating a web app, look no further. The guide is called Creating a Web App From Scratch by It even comes with the complete source code files and Photoshop documents. The 8 part guide is written by both a coder and a designer so you’ll learn how to fit your site to mobile devices and still use the rich content from a full website. Through the process they show you each step of building their demo site, Colored Lists.

If anyone has used this guide or ends up using it to create a mobile of their own, let us know what you thought in the comments. Or, if you know of other guides, share them too.

Part 1 – Planning the App: Basic Idea and Design
Part 2 – Planning the App: Database Architecture and Development Approach
Part 3 – Designing the App: Workflow Map and Photoshop Design
Part 4 – Designing the App: HTML and CSS
Part 5 – Developing the App: User Interaction
Part 6 – Developing the App: Adding AJAX Interactivity
Part 7 – Developing the App: List Interaction
Part 8 – Security & The Future

Google Wave Web App Now Working

I recently received my invite to Google Wave. The recent video we posted showed a preview of the web app but claimed it wasn’t available yet however I was able to get it to work. I was using a laptop on a data card and my iPhone on EDGE and it only took a couple seconds for it to update both ways. Here are a couple screenshots from the iPhone.

Google Wave iPhone Web App

Google recently started to release Google Wave. During their demo video a few months ago, they tried to show the iPhone web app but it wouldn’t work. Engadget recently made a video showing a little bit of the app. Here’s the video. [Read more…]

WunderMap – Fullscreen Radar Web App

I’ve had a bunch of people ask me lately how I got this full screen weather map on my iPhone so I thought I’d share it with you all. First, it’s a web app. Don’t be scared, it’s still really nice. Go to from your iPhone and pic the city you want the radar to start on. You can either search for it or Safari should ask if the app can use your current location. Once you do that, scroll down to the radar option and click on “View Full Screen WunderMap” located just under the radar image. Once this screen is open, tap the plus sign at the botton of the webpage. Tap “Add to Home Screen” and rename it to “Radar” or something short.

The kewl think about this map is that you can pinch and zoom just like Google Maps. You can zoom way out to see the whole country or way in down to county and city levels. You can also tap “Options” in the top right corner of the site to turn on animation and severe weather overlays and change to different Satellite views. [Read more…]

Google Maps in Safari

So I got this Tweet last night about a web app version of Google Maps for the Palm Pre that works on the iPhone. Actually it works in my computer’s browser. What the computer browser doesn’t do is track my location. That’s right, I got this pop up when accessing the page in my 2nd Gen iPhone 3G running iPhone firmware 3.0 Beta 5 while in Safari:


I tested it on Brooke’s iPhone, which is a 2nd Gen iPhone 3G running iPhone firmware 2.2.1, and I got this: [Read more…]


If you’re like me, you use the iPhone’s Mail app all the time. But if you use Gmail you should take a look at using Safari. There’s been a lot of updates recently and Google is using HTML5 which makes the app really sweet. The video below shows you some of the features and how they look while in use.

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Google Reader

This is a web app that I use every day. It’s a nicely iPhone optimized website for Google Reader. Google Reader is one of the best RSS readers I’ve ever used. It’s web based but has a lot of features. You have access to all your feeds indivudually or all at once. You can also star items, share them, email them, add notes, etc. It’s very fast easy to navigate on the iPhone. Tapping the title expands the article with out refreshing the page. [Read more…]

Now Edit Google Docs Spreadsheets On Your iPhone or iPod Touch

Finally, a feature long overdue! The ability to edit Google spreadsheets from your iPhone or iPod Touch (Android too). This does not include Documents, just Spreadsheets. This is a step in the right direction and will be great for those trying to track spending/budgets, travel/mileage, etc. It’s pretty easy and works well. Features include allowing you to add new rows, edit existing cells, sort by columns, and filter by terms. It would be better if it was a real app but this will do for now. [Read more…] – Wishlist of Fixes for the iPhone

Even thought I think that the iPhone is the best, I still have things I want fixed. Especially things that just should have always been there like video, MMS, every app in landscape, copy & paste, etc. Well now there is a list of all these “fixes” on a website called “Please Fix the iPhone“. There are both a desktop version and an iPhone version (auto adapts). It’s a huge list with almost 2,000 fixes being wished for. There’s also a list of “Already Fixed.” You can sort though them all sorts of ways and even search the list. Finally, and most importantly you can add your own item to the wish list. Here is a list of the top ten wishes at the time of writing this article. [Read more…]

Twitter Search –

Twitter’s search site, formerly owned by Summize, is something I use everyday to keep up on the latest Twitter trends. It’s really simple. You visit on your iPhone or iPod touch. You type in your search term and tap search. There’s also an advanced search with more features. At the very bottom of the page there is a list of trending topics. [Read more…]

Weather Underground –

I’ve used this web app forever and have never written about it so I thought I’d share it with you if you haven’t heard of it. I think it’s the best weather app I’ve seen so far. I’m biased because I use Weather Underground’s full site on my computer. Weather Underground for the iPhone is easy to get to, just go to

Once there you can type in a city or zip in the search box and find your city. [Read more…]