Google Wave Web App Now Working

I recently received my invite to Google Wave. The recent video we posted showed a preview of the web app but claimed it wasn’t available yet however I was able to get it to work. I was using a laptop on a data card and my iPhone on EDGE and it only took a couple seconds for it to update both ways. Here are a couple screenshots from the iPhone.

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  1. Do ya have any invite left? I’m dying waiting for it… :(

  2. If you create a homescreen icon when you open it will load as an “App” in fullscreen. Does it happens the same to you? here an example:

  3. still get web browser not support on iphone with 3.12 , it does load the app finally but doesnt finish loading in the address line..
    im using for an address

  4. When did you apply for an invite?

    I was really late to the game and did it a couple days ago…

  5. Do ya have any invite left? I’m dying waiting for it…

  6. Wow Congrats on getting an invite, hoping mine comes soon, i am way excited for this. Google is awesome!

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