QuickTip – Zooming in Safari

YAY! It is that time of the week again…time for a new QuickTip! I promise I only have a few more Safari tips and then I will move on to a new category! Remember if you would like to submit a quick tip just email QuickTip@appleiphoneschool.com.

QuickTip – When in Safari, you can quickly zoom in on images and columns of text with just one tap (well, one double tap)! If there is an image in a web page that you would like a closer look at, just double tap on the image and it will zoom in on that image. You can then double tap on the image again to zoom back out to your previous zoom. This is also true for columns of text. The majority of web pages tend to have more than one column of text so, if you would like a closer look at a certain column (and the ability to read it better) just double tap in that column. However, be careful not to tap on a link! You can then double tap about in the column to zoom back out. A very simple but very handy tip and so much faster than pitching to zoom! I use it all the time! Screenshots below.


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  1. How is double-tapping considered “one-tap” zooming? Yeesh…

    • Don’t be rude. Yeesh.

    • Well, what if documentation for apps starting telling everyone that they only had to click once when two clicks are required? Chaos, I tells ya chaos!

    • Oh get over yourself already. She’s having a baby in five days.
      Cut her some slack.

      And I think everyone knew what she meant, since she did point out that you did have to double tap. Her point was clear. You just need something to complain about.

      Great tip, Brooke. And great site.
      Good luck with the baby! :)

    • Haha…I am indeed having a baby in five days though, I will admit that the title of the article is misleading…my bad!

    • My wife’s having a baby in four days. That’s why I’m being crabby.

    • Haha! Shut-up are you serious! Or, was that a joke? If she really is…congrats and tell her that I totally understand how she feels! And, Doug probably understands how you feel! :)

  2. OHHH nice I didnt know that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Another quick tip is that when in safari or email, and ur reading/viewing a long page and you want to go back to the top quickly, just double tap the status bar, it takes you all the way to the top, sorta like the home button on a keyboard