CES: Live TV Coming to iPhone & iPod touch

CES 2010There should be a lot of great new accessories this week coming from the Consumer Electronics Show so we’re going to try to cover anything worthy of writing about that relates to the iPhone or iPod touch. There’s a big announcement from FLO TV already which brings live TV to the iPhone and iPod Touch. FLO TV runs off of it’s own signal (not HDTV or iPhone carriers) which means an external antenna must be used. And, of course, watching TV on your iPhone would use lots of battery. To solve this FLO TV partnered with Mophie to create a battery back with the antenna installed inside the battery. The downfall to all of this is that FLO TV is a subscription service. There’s rumors of very low pricing options but so far I’ve heard no official monthly fee for iPhone owners. For me, I just use hulu.com to see shows on demand shortly after they air. Now only if that worked on the iPhone… [Read more…]

mophie Juice Pack Air on Sale at Apple.com

AppleApple has a lot on sale today but one product that’s one of the better deals for the iPhone is the mophie Juice Pack Air for the iPhone 3G and 3GS. We recently received one for testing and will be doing a review in the future. If you’re interested a case with battery power, I do recommend this one. It’s much sleeker than the previous version and at Apple.com you can get it in an exclusive color, Red, for $58. Regular price is $79.95 so you save $21.95.

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Griffin PowerBlock Reserve – $39.99

powerTake a look at Griffin’s new USB Charger. At first it looks like a pretty normal wall charger. But if you look close, you can see a detachable battery that can charge your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Griffin PowerBlock Reserve - $39.99

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New Power Slider Battery From Incase

powerSomeone recently sent us a link to this sweet new alternative to external batteries for the iPhone. Here is a link to some previous articles and reviews we’ve done on external batteries. This case is pretty sweet ’cause it lets you charge and sync the iPhone, not just charge. We’ll do what we can to get a hold of one from Incase.

Mophie Juice Pack External Battery

PowerThis is my favorite iPhone accessory ever. The Mophie Juice Pack is super light, stylish, and works very well. Check out our video review and let us know in the comments if you have any questions.

Watch Mophie Juice Pack from your iPhone or iPod Touch

Richard Solo 1800 External Battery

PowerThe Richard Solo 1800 is an external battery for the iPhone or iPod Touch. You just charge it up using the mini usb cord provided and then attach it to your iPhone for double the battery life. Here is our video review of the Richard Solo 1800 using an iPhone 3G. This battery is compatible with all iPhones, iPod Touches and iPods (excluding the shuffle).

Watch “Richard Solo 1800” on your iPhone or iPod Touch